Friday Night Finish:Who had the best game of the night?(The WG-SWG game had to be pretty darn close, NWG-Reidsville?)

Prattville Friday Night Finish….

It doesn’t seem like we are really finished yet on this night….

How can we be done and how will anybody be able to wind down after the wild night we just came out of??? At Western Guiford, it had to be on the biggest nights in Hornets history with the stadium dedication ceremony and then ‘The Finish’ on the field….

That finish at Western Guilford was just Crazy….Western led 10-0 and then Southwest Guilford came fighting back and made it 10-6, after missing the two-point conversion attempt….Then SWG scores again to make it 13-10 Cowboys and then that’s the fun really began…WG scores on a super-long run by Kevin Gehsmann(59 yards) and then SWG comes right back on the next possesion and scores on a 30-yard pass play from QB Devonte Cross to Jeremiah Brown….17-13 WG becomes 20-17 SWG and it all happened very quick…WG gets the back on their own 30 and then the Hornets get another long run from Gehsmann and a pass from Hornet QB Tevan Evans to Keenan Stevens and the pass from Evans to Stevens moved the ball on down to the SWG 12-yard line and then with 6.2 seconds to play and the WG Hornets down 20-17, QB Evans hooks up with Stevens for the huge pass completion along the sideline in the left end zone and it was “Stevens With The Catch” and he stayed inbounds and WG goes up 24-17 with the Gehsmann PAT kick….

Such a wild and crazy turn of events….In that last 2:02 of the game, the score just went back-and-forth and WG pulled it out on “Doug Henderson Stadium” dedication night at Western Guilford…(The Doug Henderson influence was sure evident at WG on this night.)

Mr. Henderson spoke at halftime during the dedication ceremony and he challenged the Hornet team to bring it back and they did, as they kept coming back and it all ends up with the delivery of their first win of the season….Take nothing away from SWG, I would to see Jeremiah Brown’s stats for the game, the kid had a whale of a game and Keenan Stevens on that last drive of the game for WG, the young man was money, all money in the bank and Tevan Evans did not give up, the kid continued to battle all night long….Kevin Gehsmann, what can you say about this young man? One of the hardest and most determined runners that you will ever see….

And lost Western lost the starting center, Andy Dixon on that lost drive of the game and the Todd kid came in and it is not easy when you are switching centers when your team is running the QB in the shotgun or the pistol….

Some kind of game and it sounds like we had some of the same things going on over at Northwest Guilford tonight…A character test for NWG and they passed the test with the win over a very well thought-of and tough Reidsville team…

Sounds like Dudley got it done the hard way down in Durham tonight…12-9 Panthers over the Hillside Hornets was the score we heard…

Word was that Northern Guilford got off to a slow start and rolled down at Burlington Williams….Smith came up empty at Burlington Cummings and Page falls to (0-4) and you turn around and look and the Ragsdale Tigers are at (3-1) and still getting the job done without starting QB Alec Cobb…On that NG-BW game I caught the score that the Hawks and the Bulldogs were tied at 7-7 and then Northern runs off 48 unanswered points and wins the game 55-7…

I still a lot could be learned from a meeting between High Point Central and the Dudley Panthers….I was on here blowing it out last year and Jamiel Mack still is the top QB in our area….That final from Jamieson Stadium tonight is showing HP Central 52, Grimsley 13….Wonder how many yards Mack had on the ground and I bet the ‘Mack Air Attack’ was equally impressive….

Here’s a question for you….How many rushing yards for Reggie Gallasy tonight and how did Reggie do in the touchdowns department???

At one stage late in the game Durham Hillside led Dudley 9-6….NEG was on top of Rockingham County 6-2 with just two minutes left in their game at Wentworth….


  1. What did Hillside do??? Not only did Dudley gave up 9 points but they only got 12 points. Must’ve been one wild game in Durham. I hope more insight comes in soon about this game.

  2. Justin timmons of high point christian had 4 interceptions in win over hickory grove. Off to a 4-O start.

  3. Some of the word on Dudley-Hillside from HS OT.Com/

    Dudley was able to escape Hillside Friday night, edging the Hornets 12-9.

    Dudley got on the board midway through the first quarter to make things 6-0 before Hillside halved the margin before half on a field goal.

    In the third quarter, Hillside gained a 9-6 lead on a touchdown strike, but just before the turn of the frame, Dudley scored, taking a 12-9 advantage.

    In their comeback attempt, Hillside quarterback Nas Forte-Ferguson threw two interceptions, helping Dudley hang on.

    Dudley will play at home against Northern Durham next week while Hillside makes the trip to Charlotte Country Day.


  4. High Point Christian report from the High Point Enterprise and Michael

    HIGH POINT —The High Point Christian football team struggled mightily at times. But, in the end, it made the plays to win the game.

    The Cougars totaled just 52 yards of total offense and had a few ill-timed miscues, but their defense forced five turnovers – including a fumble on which they scored the game-winning touchdown – in beating Hickory Grove 22-15 on Friday at the Complex.

    “Offensively, we left a lot to be desired,” coach Scott Bell said. “… Defensively, I thought we played a great game. We probably had about three plays that they had decent gains. For the most part, our defensive line, our linebackers and, of course, Justin Timmons played a heckuva game – Zach McLean as well.

  5. In the Dudley – Hillside game, Dudley just couldn’t take advantage or capitalize on the great field position the whole game. Dudley march down the field at will on Hillside, getting inside their 25 yard line 5 or 6 times during the game to either fail on 3rd/4th down. Hillide only Touchdown came on a Interception near midfield in the third quarter. Other than that score and the 25 yard Field Goal Hillside was unable to move the ball on Dudley, except for the final drive, before they went 4 and out at Dudley’s 20 yd line. Dudley’s QB Hooker threw 2 interceptions, the other one was before the half when Dudley had the ball near Hillside’s 15 yd line with less than 2 mins before the Half, with Dudley up 6-3. My opinion Dudley should have won 28/35 to 3 if they had punched those deep drives inside Hillside’s Redzones {25 yds to Endzone} But the score stayed close allowing Hillside a chance to pull off an Upset !!! One thing I liked was how supporting and patient the Dudley Coaches was in handling Dudley QB…..after the interceptions. He is young {10 grade} But it will make him Better. It wasn’t any doubt that Dudley was the better team. But it was intense with it being close as it was. It was more mistakes by Dudley than Hillside defense.

  6. That second INT was caused by an deflection of the ball coming off the WR hands into a Hillside players hand for the 6 pts giving Hillside the 9-6 lead. DUDLEY Defense has only gave up 3pts…REPEAT 3 pts the whole season after 4 Games the other 13 pts has come from turnovers 122 – 16 in pts scored vs. allowed.

  7. The Western game was one for the ages and will be talked about for years. Glad I was there and a part if it. Big plays by Michael Youngblood on defense. The offense finally put together some nice blocks toward the end of the game.

    The entire vibe at Western is starting to change. The school appearance is getting a nice facelift and attitude of the students is morphing from wanna-be thugs to teenagers smiling and having fun.

    Hats off to principal Kash and the administration.


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