Who will be the last Unbeaten team left standing in Guilford County?

Survey question of the day…..

Who will be the last Unbeaten high school football team left standing in Guilford County???

Will it be the Dudley Panthers(4-0), the Northern Guilford Nighthawks(4-0), or the Southern Guilford Storm(5-0)???

This week NG has a big challenge coming into Johnny Roscoe Stadium with the Western Alamance Warriors entering at (5-0)….Dudley faces the (0-5) Northern Durham Knights on Friday night at Tarpley Stadium and the Southern Storm travel to face the (1-3) North Forsyth Vikings….

Again you challenge question of the day:
Who will be the last Unbeaten high school football team left standing in Guilford County???

Dudley, NG or SG???


  1. SG (Don’t they have a pretty good RB?) When we played them (SEG) I was impressed by the blocking as well. Reggie is a big RB that small db’s (like most in the state) have a hard time with him. Heck, the LB’s have a hard time as well. He is fast as well with 40 times under 4.5. SEG handled him easily last year but I found out he was 50% last year with a nagging injury. Nathan has performed well distributing the ball as well as taking care of it (low/no TO’s).

  2. Northern Guilford will fall to Western Alamance this Friday night and it will be Dudley that lasts the longest.

    Dudley has a much easier schedule than both Northern and Southern and Dudley should waltz right on through the Metro this year. There is no competition for Dudley in the Metro.

    Dudley should go into the playoffs undefeated and I would like to see Northern and Southern meet in the playoffs.

    I think Southern could give Northern a good game with Reggie Gallaspy running hard like he does. My prediction is that Southern will lose to Ledford and like I said, Northern will lose to Western Alamance this Friday night and you might see Northern lose to Eastern Alamance too.

    The Alamance County 3-A teams are very good this year but the Metro is not.

    Dudley should be undefeated going into at least the 3rd round of the playoffs and then somebody will grab them there.

    Northern loses this Friday and then Southern loses to Ledford, but Dudley makes it deep into the playoffs before they lose.

    Still would love to see that Northern vs. Southern playoff game in about the third round of the playoffs. I think Southern would get Northern and it would really help if the game was at Southern.

    See you at Northern this Friday night and Western Almance takes this game by 10 or 11 points.

  3. Panthers rolling with the 19 game winning streak. We got full momentum heading into conference play and Coach Davis allways turns it up a notch for conference games! Look out Metro , here we come .A young team but the key word is TEAM,hard to key on one player on this loaded team.I think this Defense done forgot how to lose.

  4. WA will get hammered Friday night. Maybe if Donald Britt and Coach Capps were still around the Warriors might have a chance. Too much talent somehow floating around the upper end of Guilford County.

    Not this week guys….

  5. This is the year of the Storm. We used to be the Indians and now we are the STORM. We will remain UNBEATEN and be more than happy to meet and beat Northern in the playoffs.

    Year of the Storm and Gallaspy will carry us. If this were a Gallup Poll, I would sure jump on the side of the Storm and Gallaspy.

  6. This is the year of the Storm. We used to be the Indians and now we are the STORM. We will remain UNBEATEN and be more than happy to meet and beat Northern in the playoffs.

    Year of the Storm and Gallaspy will carry us. If this were a Gallup Poll, I would sure jump on the side of the Storm and Gallaspy.

  7. What makes Southern Guilford schedule so difficult in reference to Dudley in the metro 4A? Asheboro, Grimsley, Gso Smith, EG, and SE. The only real contender there is SE, if they make it the distance they won’t make it past NG. SG is probably the only playoff contender in a struggling Triad 3A conference who will even represent in the playoffs and easily undeafeated. Looks like the same scheduled comparisons to Dudley in the metro conference or any of the metro leaders.

  8. Southern fans are drunk if the think they can beat Northern. Northern strength is stopping the run and they have way too much D1 talent!

  9. How did Page get so bad so quick? Yes you can say they play a tough schedule but come on 0-5???? Looks like no playoffs this year.

  10. NG hammered SG in the playoffs a couple years ago when they had 2 excellent RBs. NG is quite possibly more loaded this year than any other. Key is Roscoe can tell them the sun will never shine again and they’ll believe it. Dudley is only viable competition for NG and quite frankly, I’m not so sure NG wouldn’t stun the panthers if they met this year after the hillside game I watched.

  11. I wouldn’t put too much into the Dudley, Hillside game, after all the Panthers are still undefeated,I believe Davis will welcome any team in the triad area or even piedmont. Word is, NG canceled all future match ups with the Panthers, that’s probably why the Panthers are sitting with two bye weeks as it is. It wouldn’t be close……..

  12. If Dudley coach is so smart and willing, why not challenge a couple 4A or 4AA western teams? To hear them tell it, that’s where the real competition is…not some 3AA team like NG. I mean really, all of dudleys scrubs supposedly come play for NG…so if Dudley was as confident as they say, then why are they talking bout NG??? Get a Butler or a mallard creek on your schedule instead of scrimmaging with this in the summer. Then you would have to even talk bout NG. cause I assure you that no one at NG is worried about anything but a 4th 3AA state championship. Not some 4A team with an inferiority complex and a permanent chip on their shoulder.

  13. Why so salty g$, Davis is a very smart coach, develop your own legacy, Tj Logan is long gone, what have you done lately? Dudley schedules teams who want to play, not trying to preserve some so called winning streak. I can see I touched a nerve, being that Dudley is very talented in at all positions. I see 2A Reidsville really gave you guys such a tough challenge. Don’t get upset because you guys play for a winning streak. GOOD LUCK WHEN YOU GUYS FACE CREST OR SOUTHERN DURHAM. As far as Dudley scrubs who are they? They are hardly missed. All true Panthers are still intact. I dont believe the Panthers are worried about blemishing your home winning record or so you called it. You have a nice day sir.

  14. Northern don’t even think about playing for a state title this year! How will you stop CREST without TJ Logan???? Not happening this year! Enjoy beating up on your local JV clubs now but once playoffs roll around it will be all CREST. See the speed and feel the power!

  15. would love to see a Dudley and HPC series or even a Northern Guilford and HPC series start up after this season.

  16. Barnes has never beaten roscoe just remember that! Last year was a fluke! You not going to play against that scared head coach. Roscoe won’t be that predictable not consecutive. Besides everyone crest is in championship they lose…0 and 3 last three tries. What a waste!

  17. And if you crest boys think ol roscoe showed any of his cards down at the gardner webb scrimmage this summer, you’re crazy…northern always holds back in scrimmages. we’ll see you in either the semi or the final this year. mark that!

  18. Hate to say it but Northern will beat a solid WA team by as many as Johnny Football feels like putting on them. NG’s defense is legit and along with the 3 playmakers will be definite contenders in the 3AA.

  19. Player-coach 4th and 15 were up by 65 38 seconds left punt?…..Roscoe-fake punt.

    Player-wow coach were up by 72 with 15 seconds back ups in?….Roscoe- starters and lets go onside kick!

  20. Hammer Down Johnny

    Takin’ The Air Outta The Stadium Johnny

    Foot On Their Throat Johnny

    No Mercy Roscoe

    If y’all can’t take the heat, get outta Johnny’s kitchen

    Only Big Dogs Allowed on Johnny’s Front Porch

    ***Although I will say, Johnny has kneeled the last few plays on NW and Reidsville…

  21. You city boys have no idea what you’re asking for. CREST is stacked this year fellas. I hope Northern does get the #1 seed so we can come up there and embarrass you bird turds run that ball down your throats. Point is our O line will bulldoze your D. CREST will not be intimidated. Roscoe might wanna have a white towel handy…..

  22. Hope to see you in Nov Crest. Just remember to come back to http://www.greensborosports.com and eat some crow when the game doesn’t go like you thought it would…course then the accusations will start flying around cause it just ain’t fair! Ha ha…come on up to Norf Guilf buddy…we got something for ya!

  23. The Country Boys will survive and we have some of the best teams in the country down East here. Don’t sleep on the Eastern part of the state. We got more going than you think up there in the West. Country will survive and the title will go through 1-95 this season.

  24. G$ that comment didn’t sneak by me. I suggest you keep those kind of remarks to yourself. It didn’t fly with me ,and I think some people didn’t get it but I did. Watch your comments .

  25. This for Farmer Jones down in the country. Nothing like a good ole possum in a sack for the country folks.

    Pet, mate, spouse.

    Who knows what you people are up to?

    Country football is hard to stop!

  26. No mention of 5-0 High Point Christian in the original article? Of course they couldn’t play with the decent public schools, but give the Cougars a little credit for beating everyone they’ve played.

  27. That’s a good point about High Point Christian…Since they do not play any of the Guilford County public school teams they sort of get left out of the mix and the overall Guilford County High School Football discussion…

    They are looking to build there program and as the time goes on they will become a part of the establishment…It happened in basketball and it can happen in football too, but it will come as they upgrade their schedule and as more players transfer out of the public schools and head over to HPCA….

    A very good start to their season in 2014 and the (5-0) mark to begin the year is a record that should not go unpublished and I am glad we got them in here and now we need to remeber to get them on our master schedule each and every week and as have big games coming up against more notable teams, say like Charlotte Christian, Davidson Day and others, it will be easier to recall their spot on the lineup card….

    Good to have High Point Christian in the discussion today and will look for from them and on them in the future….

  28. How can Page and Grimsley both be so bad with so many athletes on each team?????

    1-9 between both teams with the only win going to Grimsley??? How do you go from being a State Championship team 3 years ago to a team that can’t win a single game?

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