Middle School Football Finals/Report for today(9/24/14):Wet and Windy, but still some Wins out there this afternoon

Northern Guilford vs Southeast Guilford at Northern[NG vs SE cancelled…]

Final at Kernodle Middle School:
Guilford Middle 24
Kernodle Middle 14

*****Guilford ran/jumped out to a 24-0 lead, led by the Tigers’ QB who ran for all three of the Guilford scores/TD’s and he also ran in the three two-point conversion attempts for Guilford Middle….We don’t have his name, with no PA today at Kernodle, but the kid deserves some recognition, as in some cases today he was just running over people and into the end zone…(Kameron Page is the young man we were looking for and good work today Kameron Page and the Guilford Tigers.)

Two TD runs by the Kernodle Cougars Richard Monroe, with the KMS QB taking off on long run of say 65 and 45 yards for the two/too late Cougar scores….Kernodle was good on one of their two-point conversions and #25 was the man for KMS that took it in….

Might want to call it a battle of the two Quarterbacks today with Monroe(#12) and #9 Kameron Page for Guilford….Very good game for both of these two young men and Guilford was just so dominate early, that Kernodle was so far behind in the 4th Quarter, they didn’t have enough time to catch up in this one….More to follow with more details and more scores tonight, we hope….*****(Caleb Andrews out of the KMS lineup today with injury and looks to be gone/missing at least two weeks.)

8-0 Guilford at the 5:17 mark of the 1st Q on the TD run and two-point conversion run by GMS QB #9 Kameron Page…
16-0 Guilford at 18.9 of the 2nd Q on another short TD run and two-point conversion by #9 Kameron Page…
24-0 Guilford with 17.8 left to play in the 3rd Q on TD run and two-pointer by #9 Kameron Page…
24-6 Guilford late in the 4th Q on a long run of 65 yards by Kernodle QB Richard Monroe
24-14 Guilford with just a few seconds to play on another run by KMS’ Monroe this from about 45 yards away and KMS #25 takes in the two…
Final:Guilford 24, Kernodle 14….Good gathering of fans considering all of the rain and stong wind that was coming through there at KMS this afternoon……


  1. Great to see Guilford Middle winning some games! They went through some really rough seasons a few years back. Congrats to those young men and coaches.

  2. The QB at GMS is Kameron Page. Kam is an 8th grader with a 4.0 GPA and in the top 10 of his class. He is also a 3 sport athlete and team leader on and off the field.

  3. Northern Guilford Middle school and Northeast Middle game was postponed. The game was played at Northeast. Northern Guilford won 20-6. Ethan Stephens (lineman) giving great tackles against the opponents, he over powered their best lineman #7 was no match 200lbs 5’12” strong 8th grader. Stephens should receive middle school lineman of the year and MVP of that game. Michael Wyman #1 scored 2 touch downs and performed great on offense and defense. Wyman is 6’3″ 8th grader with a high IQ on and off the field. The Night Hawks coaches should find a quarterback replacement, because the one they have can not throw a tennis ball. The game was won by the entire Night Hawks team. As they perform as one unit.

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