Numbers in the News:One’s ready to play and the other is going away =’s 2 and 89 on this day!

Tonight will be the final night for Derek Jeter at Yankees Stadium and the #2 is just about through with his baseball career….

The Baltimore Ravens #89 used to be the Carolina Panthers #89 and Steve Smith Sr. shows he has a few games left up his sleeves and the Panthers better be glad they are going into Baltimore on Sunday and not playing this game at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte…

If Smith was coming back to Charlotte on Sunday, there would be way more distractions than what we are seeing now and the fans might get so crazy with Smith back in town, the Panthers would have trouble keeping their focus on the field….

The way it is, Jeter is hanging up the cleats and Smith is not going anywhere just yet….

Two numbers to be keeping an eye on in the next few days, #2 Derek Jeter for the New York Yankees and #89 Steve Smith, for the Baltimore Ravens….

And if we can just pause for a second and reflect, take a look at these two different personalities and how they approach and play the game….Jeter so quiet and reserved and always seeming to have a smile on his face and Smith so loud and into the games and never seeming to be happy, but playing at all times with a chip on his shoulder…

Jeter never seemed to have a chip on his shoulder, but Smith seemed like he had to play with that chip on his shoulder….Baseball and Football are two totally diverse sports and the approach has to be different, but you talk about two players that have gone at it as hard as you can go and are still so much different in their overall personalities….

These two make you stop and look and they make you stop and think, and both will be Hall-of-Famers, right???

*****Last Yankees game for Jeter will be on Sunday afternoon at 1:35 at Boston of all places…What a way to close out his career, at Boston facing the Red Sox of all people/teams……*****