Janesh High School Football Report with Josh Williams(#8 Guilford College Quakers)

I just want to thank God for allowing me to spread my philosophies into another part of N.C. He has truly blessed me and I pray he continues.

Top Teams:
1. Dudley High School (5 – 0) 24 – 6 over Northern Durham
2. Northern Guilford (5- 0) 35 – 21 over Western Alamance
3. Southern Guilford (6 – 0) 27 – 9 over North Forsyth
4. West Forsyth (6 – 0) 51 – 7 over Parkland
5. Eastern Alamance (6 – 0) 54 – 14 over Burlington Williams
(This last slot could go to many 1-loss teams: High Point Central, Eastern Guilford, Western Alamance, Ledford. Is it wrong to include 5 – 0 High Point Christian? Or 6 – 0 North Davidson?)

Top Prospects:
1. Reggie Gallaspy (Southern Guilford) RB (1607 rushing yards)
2. CJ Freeman (Northern Guilford) RB (790 rushing yards)
3. Jamiel Mack (High Point Central) QB (1036 passing, 754 rushing)
4. Darius Graves (Dudley) RB (100 yards Friday, 1 punt return td, 432 on the year)
5. Mook Reynolds (Northern Guilford) DB/WR (1 receiving td Friday night)

Week’s Top Performers:
1. Reggie Gallaspy (Southern Guilford) RB (203 yards, 3tds)
2. CJ Freeman (Northern Guilford) RB (200 yards, 1td)
3. Daniel Graves (Graham) RB (265 total offense)
4. Jaron Letterlough (Eastern Randolph) RB (221 yards rushing)
5. Jamiel Mack (High Point Central) QB (154 yards rushing, 100 passing, 6 tds)

Spotlight Recap: (East Gaston – 14 vs South Point High – 34)

Tonight, I had the pleasure of doing my first coverage of the Charlotte area, in Gaston N.C. A kid by the name of Justice Smith invited me to check him out through Twitter. His head coach, Sean Joyce, was up for the publicity that Janesh could bring a team. He feels that he has a team that deserves the spotlight more than they are receiving.

A battle of the Native Americans. The East Gaston Warriors versus the South Point Raiders. A rivalry game that dates back 40 years. The stadium was packed. A battle of the option offense. It was tough for the Warrior offense to get anything going. Their defense held as long as it possibly could but the Raiders had too many weapons on offense to keep quiet.

I spoke with the confident East Gaston Coach before the game. He told me that in order to come out with a win tonight, they would have to shut down South Point’s fullback and the QB. The fullback, Ryland Etherton, finished with 173 yards and 3 tds which made for a tough night. The run game took the emotion away from the game, the crowd, and made the game drag along as South Point jabbed away at the East Gaston defense.

There was a Clemson recruiter, Dan Brooks, on site checking out the Clemson commit, Tanner Muse. He had a huge night on both offense and defense. Finished with 154 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns. He’s bigger than a lot of the other kids on the field and plays like it too. Coach Brooks said Clemson sees him competing at a safety position for them and possibly looking at early play time right out of high school.

Well, again, another great night. Saw a lot of new faces out in Gaston. Different style of football but I am glad to say that I will be home (Greensboro) next Friday night.

Hope you all have a great week.

Love you,

– Janesh

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  1. I believe 1 loss Western Alamance should be included. Especially since they play NG pretty well, and still have to play EA.

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