“Boykin the Ball Boy” Representing Ragsdale with Honor:JMS 7th Grader Leaves Positive Impact at East Chapel Hill

*****Courtesy of Brian Herndon, Ragsdale High School Athletic Director*****

JMS 7th Grader Leaves Positive Impact at East Chapel Hill

Ragsdale Athletics has a burning desire to win. Any time we board the bus, or play at home, we take to the playing field, court, or track, to win. What’s even more paramount in our programs and community, is that we are going to conduct ourselves as WINNERS, in a FIRST CLASS MANNER, in a way that will make our ENTIRE RAGSDALE COMMUNITY PROUD.

After last Friday’s football game at East Chapel Hill, the 6 man officiating crew from the North Carolina High School Athletic Association, sent a letter commending Devan Boykin, who is in charge of getting the footballs in and out of the games on Friday.

The officials were incredibly complimentary of Devan’s efficiency, his tremendous show of sportsmanship toward the opponent in a very lopsided contest, and his first class way of representing the Ragsdale Football Program.

Devan Boykin is a current a 7th grade student/athlete at Jamestown Middle School, who is already a great ambassador for the Ragsdale Community.

Every time we go on another campus, we leave an everlasting legacy. I’m proud of the legacy that our young people like Devan are leaving every time we go on the road.

I want to personally thank Devan, the entire JMS staff for the tremendous job you do, and Coach Norwood and his staff for how you always represent RHS with class. I’m proud to be a TIGER, and proud to be associated with a first class organization!

*****Brian Herndon, Ragadale Athletics*****