Guilford Goes Green:Quakers paint the fences at McBane Baseball Field:BIG Green Monster comes to campus

Never saw this day coming, but it’s finally here…..The Guilford College Quakers have painted the outfield fences at the McBane Baseball Field and they now have the look of Green….I thought we might see some old-school minor league baseball ads go up on those fences and if former Quaker businessman Bryan Jones had his way that might have been the case, but the case is closed and the look is that of Green….

Guilford has gone Green and those fences stood bare and void of paint for nearly nine months and everyone in and around the Guilford College baseball community continued to ask the question, “When are they going to paint those outfield fences?”, and now we have our answer….Guilford has a new “Green Monster” of their own out there in left field and this will be a moment in time, a period in ‘Quaker History’, as the Maroon and Gray has gone GREEN…..

Check out the new outfield digs/color scheme when you CLICK HERE….
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