Graham Sporting Goods Middle School Football finals are coming/trickling into the Sports Desk:Guilford Middle, Jackson and Mendenhall are in…

SEE FINALS BELOW:Guilford Middle Tigers top Aycock Lions, Mendenhall Mustangs ride past Southern Guilford, Jackson takes down Allen and more on the way….
(Do we gots some more scores?????)
*****Update on Middle School Football for today/October 14 courtesy of Leigh Hibbard Guilford County Schools Athletic Director*****
Middle School Football for Today (10/14)
Aycock @ Guilford
Final:Guilford 22, Aycock 12
Mendenhall @ Southern
Final:Mendenhall 36, Southern Guilford 0
Jackson @ Allen
Final:Jackson 18, Allen 8
Penn-Griffin @ Ferndale – planning to play

Jamestown @ Northwest ppd to TBA
Welborn @ Hairston – ppd to TBA
Northern @ Kernodle – ppd to Mon., Nov. 3 at 5:30 PM
Eastern @ Southeast (6:00) – ppd to Oct. 20 at 6PM

Guilford Middle School in that win over Aycock was led by their QB Cameron Page and on defense for Guilford, Adrian Powell as all over the field for the Tigers and Javon McQueen came up with a big pick for Guilford….

Halftime score on Guilford-Aycock was Aycock 12, Guilford 6….Aycock scored on the last offensive play of the half by Guilford and the Aycock Lions intercepted a pass and took it back about 85 yards for the halftime lead of 12-6…When I arrived at Western Guilford’s Doug Henderson Stadium, the score was all tied up at 6-6….

The second half was all Guilford Tigers as they out-scored Aycock 16-0 in half #2…..Again, Cameron Page, the Guilford Tigers QB was the big gun on offense for Guilford and took the ball in from 12 yards out with 6:31 to go in the 3rd Quarter then Covington scored the two-point conversion for Guilford and there was no looking back at that point on for the Tigers, they went up 14-12 at that stage of the game and the win was in their grasp….

End of the 3rd Quarter, 14-12 Guilford over Aycock….

Cameron Page scored one more TD for the Tigers and the two-pointer was good and the final TD came at the 6:47 mark of the 4th Quarter…Guilford goes on to win this game with the TD they posted in the 4th Q giving them their final boost and your Final again was,

Guilford Tigers 22, Aycock Lions 12……Almost makes you think that you are down at the Food Lion store looking for cartload of savings after all of the Food Lion commercials that we have seen on TV lately with that LIVE talking Lion….

Guilford 22
Aycock 12

*****I still can remember being on that first-ever Guilford Middle School/Guilford Junior High School Tigers football team back in the 70’s and we had a pretty good football team that first year, going (3-3)….*****


  1. It’s sad how the administration at Aycock forced out a great coach last season. There is no way coach Jones looses to Guilford with the talent on this Aycock team.

  2. Guilford Middle is having a great year. Saying Aycock beats them with a different coach is disrespectful to Guilford. Don’t tear one team down that is having a successful season, to speculate a different outcome based on a coaching change.

  3. The truth is the truth. We beat the brakes off of Guilford last year. A lot of kids are still on the team. Those coaches don’t know what they are doing.

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