Friday Night High School Football Scoreboard – October 17, 2014

Update #12 – 10:30 PM – All Scores Final – Goodnight

Our Game of the Week is Northern Guilford at Eastern Guilford with Andy Durham and Dennis White. Catch the replay at GreensboroSportsRadio.

Northern Guilford – 22
Eastern Guilford – 21

Southern Alamance – 0
Dudley – 44

Grimsley – 6
Page – 43

Smith – 29
Southeast Guilford – 34

East Forsyth – 45
Glenn – 14

Northwest Guilford – 28
High Point Central – 17

Southwest Guilford – 15
Ragsdale – 45

Asheboro – 34
Southern Guilford – 41

Morehead – 49
McMichael – 21

Burlington Williams – 34
Northeast Guilford – 18

Rockingham County – 18
Western Alamance – 28

Burlington Cummings – 19
Carrboro – 0

Bartlett Yancey – 0
Reidsville – 70

High Point Andrews – 22
Randleman – 25

Eastern Randolph – 26
Providence Grove – 7

Wheatmore – 28
Trinity – 38

East Surry – 31
Bishop McGuinness – 0

East Davidson – 7
Thomasville – 6

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  1. Grimsley is totally out of sorts. One… they have too many coaches on the sidelines. It would be difficult for them to get a win with other teams in the conference playing well.

  2. EG loses the game 22-21 on a call that was called no good on a 2pt try. So what’s the rule on a play that’s been called by offical, then later reverse? There’s no camara on instant replay so how can the ref reverse a call that’s already been called.

  3. @poor calls The whole game consisted of some of the worst officiating I have ever witnessed. The changed 2 point conversion call just happened to be the only call in favor of northern the whole game.

  4. Poor calls,
    2 Refs wrongly called it a no score and 2 Refs rightly called it a score. It was very clear. Watch the HUDL films. But I will say that earlier in the game there was some “homecooking” going on. EG has been coached well and played well. Just glad the Nighthawks pulled together as a team in the 4th quarter. I am sure we might have another match up in the near term.

  5. HUDL my butt…yes when the nighthawks and the refs finally get on the same page they are unbeatable. I guess Eastern Alamance got lucky when an unbiased crew worked their game with the mighty nighthawks. No wonder they are so strong… other school’s players and a 12th man wearing a white hat… I would love those odds!

  6. Poorcalls and Wildcatdad
    EG must pay the officials. Clear they were biased against Northern all night long. Homecooking? I agree. Worst officiating I have ever seen in my life, except for that last call!

  7. That was a brutal game at grimsley stadium. Heard a rumor at game that Page wants to play at home next year. Andy, would be interested if that is true.

  8. @homecooking at EG:
    yes anytime someone gives northern a good game its got to be because of bad officiating… sarcasm mode turned off…get real, the refs just handed u the game and ur still complaining about the refs… unreal!

  9. I try to keep up a good testimony as a Christian and not ever be a “sore loser” or gloating winner….. But tonight we had to beat 11 players PLUS 5 OFFICIALS…. It was painfully obvious. Go Nighthawks!

  10. He went for the win because the ball was on the 1 yard line ( encroachment penalty) who wouldn’t try that? The side official waved it off but got overruled, i guess he didn’t know the plan. WWE? Yeah credit that one to roscoe, and the 2nd round playoff loss to him too

  11. Just saw a highlight on News 2. No question he crosses goal line and ball came out after he crosses goal line. Eastern still had a chance at the end. Can’t blame that on any ref. Great game.

  12. NW Guilford was down 10-0 in the first half and came back to win 28-17. Huge win! Go VIKINGS!!!!!

  13. Officials stole the game from Smith. Mismanagement of the final 2 plays of the game. Time was supposed to run out. And the whole left side of Southeast move. (No calls) then stopped the clock! Wow–…..smh

  14. Well, It looks like the same old Southwest Guilford again. No defense to be found, and the offense is middle of the road at best. Those kids deserve better that mediocrity. Hopefully they will get someone in there that can coach defense.

  15. Negrad, well as long as you saw it on tv then yep, there’s no question. Thanks for clearing that up for yourself.

  16. Looks like the PTC 4A is a 2 team race….EF destroyed Glenn 45-14. NWG got a big win vs HPC. Can’t wait to see those teams clash at the end of the season. If the game were played now, I would have to give the nod to EF. their offense is too much for anyone in that conference to handle.

  17. Everyone knows Southeast robbed Smith. Guess they couldn’t bear the loss to a team that earned that win. Smh..but Karma is…well u know the rest!

  18. News2 and Coach already has HUDL film out to players. Good call for NG. Go Nighthawks! Plus EG still had another full series after that for a chance.

  19. Dang!!!! If I was a ref I’d give up my $75 or so dollars. 4 or 5 hours plus gas. What a great deal!!!!

  20. If the officials blew a call, how exactly did SE “cheat” and “steal” a win away from Smith? Wouldn’t it be the refs that “cheated” Smith? Stupid comments like that are why Smith fans and its program will never get an ounce of respect from any fan in Guilford County. If yo boyz didn’t crap the bed and give up 20 points in the 4th quarter, then you would have nothing to be complaining about.

  21. SE cheated because someone controlled the clock and stop the clock when the time suppose to run out and the refs and didn’t anything about it. Everyone saw it too. It was a running play, I understand if they got an incompleted pass now but it was a running play so clock suppose to keep running…

  22. Please no talk of a NWG East Forsyth game yet. Same thing happened last year and NW was upset by Glenn. NW needs to worry about Glenn and nobody else. I’m sure Rolfes and his staff will be preaching it all week!

  23. NW with 28 unanswered in the 3rd after zero offense in the first half. Great adjustments at halftime by the NW coaches!

  24. Southeast Guilford receives wins courteous of opposing teams’ willingness to mismanage & make mistakes; next, Officiating across the state is abysmal. Depending on the socioeconomic status of the players on teams and the prestige of the high school, that team is more likely to receive favor. Sadly, the referees do not discern well. The student athletes are teens.

  25. A replay for Smith……it’s 3rd down and 1 from the 2 yard line, Qb sneak for a 1.5 gain, in HS sports, the clock stops for a first down and moving the chains. On 1st Down from the half yard line with 2.2 on the clock, Qb sneak as time expires for the touchdown………your players celebrated stopping the touchdown on 3rd down, but gave up a 1st down and the win with 2.2 on the clock.

  26. Great game last night between Eastern Guilford and Northern Guilford hope they meet again in playoffs.

  27. Unbelievable how Smith is accusing SEG of cheating!!!! Really…..Smith! Smith loss a heartbreaker but you still loss!!!!! SEG defense played very hard the second half of the game, not allowing Smith to score anymore! Should have happened the first half too but it didn’t! Smith’s defense could not ward off that Falcon offense the second half! You all are some poor losers! Talking about karma…..that’s why you loss! You celebrated to early while SEG never gave up!

  28. Yeah now that I read these posts I see that actually the refs cheated Grimsley out of 40 points last night…yeah, yeah…that’s the ticket!

  29. Grimsley hasn’t scored 40 points against Page in the last decade. As for Grimsley having a better record than Page, good luck with that. Dudley is next for Grimsley. Page has a pretty good shot of going 2-1 next week against Smith.

  30. Andy,

    Has the NCHSAA come out yet with the attendance numbers for the local schools? I think they use the 20th or 21st day of school.

    That subsequently leads to the A and AA breakdowns

  31. Nothing official from the NCHSAA yet…Just a few web sites running their projections and that is about all so far…

    Tendencies would show NWG, Page and Grimsley all 4-AA and Dudley, High Point Central, Southeast Guilford, Ragsdale, Southwest Guilford, Smith all at 4-A, Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western Guilford all 3-AA, Northeast would be a 3-A and HP Andrews a 2-AA….

    Some of those schools will not get in, but that is how they have been standing lately and the East-West dividing line will be one of the most interesting points….Who is headed West and who is headed East???

    Most of our teams tend to go West, but in the past, we have had a number of them go East too…

    We are right at the date where the ADA’s, the Average Daily Attendances will have to be turned in and reported and we will keep an eye on those….

  32. So in the Metro, Dudley and Southeast will be in and Page or Smith will get the 3rd spot. Impossible for anyone else to get in. It’s a shame that 3 teams will be allowed to make playoffs from Metro!!!

  33. Andy, have you lost it…there’s no playoff picture where NE is going anywhere….except the toilet bowl where Coach Jackson has quickly flushed them in two years time….

  34. Nope, just a listing of all of our schools and WHERE they would go….

    We probably have at least 4-5 schools that will NOT be in the playoffs….

    Haven’t lost my mind yet, but haven’t found it yet either…

    It’s all out there somewhere….

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