Southeast Guilford-Smith Football Game Report with Kenneth Brown Jr.

Courtesy of Kenneth Brown Jr.(Smith High School) for

This game is a game no Smith Fan would ever forget.

The Golden Eagles took on Southeast Friday night and in the first half, QB Tyrell Dumpson connected with Myles White for not 1, not 2, but for 3 TD. and also the Big Man, Desmond “Chunky” Sturdivant caused a fumble and ran it in for about 40 yds for a TD.

The Eagles was up 29-14 at the half. Then that’s when Southeast stages a comeback rout, scoring 3 TD in the 4th Quarter and the last one was controversial.

One of those situations where you SHOULD NOT have stopped the clock (in some people opinions) and if that would have happened then the final score would have been: 29-28- Smith but thanks to, the lovely people called, the Refs, the clock stopped with 2.2 seconds left in the game. Southeast on 3 and inches on the 1 went in and the final:

Smith: 29
Southeast: 34

A heart-breaker for the team. The Eagles (2-6; 0-2) will take on Page next week for Homecoming. Kickoff is slated for 7:30 pm

Scoring Summary

Falcon TD- 2 PT. NO Good
Tyrell Dumpson to Myles White- BLS TD- 2 PT GOOD
Falcon TD- 2 PT GOOD

14-8/ Southeast

Tyrell Dumpson to Myles White- BLS TD- 2 PT GOOD
Fumble TD Return- Desmond Studivant- FG GOOD
Tyrel Dumpson to Myles White- BLS TD- FG No Good

Half: Smith- 29
Southeast: 14

3rd: Great Defense by Smith

Falcon TD- 2 PT GOOD
Falcon TD- 2 PT NO GOOD
Falcon TD

Final: Smith: 29
Southeast: 34


  1. 1 Question folks
    I understand the clock stopped at the one yard line after the first down to reset the chains , but…
    EXACTLY when does the clock start back up
    The ref’s whistle or the snap ??

  2. When SEG got the 1st down the clock had 15 seconds on it. They did not stop the clock to move the chains. Bubba went for a QB keep didnt make it and the Refs stopped the clock with 2 seconds. The ball was reset at the 1 and Bubba ran it in for a TD.
    From my perpective, an error was made in not stopping the clock for the sticks to be moved and the reset at the one shouldn’t have happened.
    The correct call should have been a replay with 15 seconds after the sticks (stick 1st and goal)had been moved. This would have required the clock to be reset at 15 seconds. I will admit this was a very odd ending.

  3. Yep ross

    It appears to me Smith was pentalized for the bad call the Refs made on the 1st down. Trying to right the mistake they hurt Smith. If I were a Smith fan I’d be mad too. Likewise, I they had let the clock run I SE should be mad. Hopefully the Refs (Northstate) can view this and get it right next time.

  4. Here is the entire last drive for SEG:
    1st and 10 from the 42: Jennings run for 4 yards
    2nd and 6 from the 38: Baldwin run for 11 yards
    1st and 10 from the 27: Liggs run for 3 yards
    2nd and 7 from the 24: Craven pass to Paschal for 5 yards
    3rd and 2 from the 19: Baldwin run for 8 yards
    1st and 10 from the 11: Craven spikes to stop clock
    2nd and 10 from the 11: Baldwin runs for 3 yards
    3rd and 7 from the 8: Craven pass to Joyner for 6.5 yards
    4th and 1 from the 1+: Craven sneak for 1 yard
    1st and Goal <1 yard: Craven sneak for touchdown

    The clock stops on every 1st Down so that the officials can reset the chains and put the ball back into play. When the "White Hat" Referee blows the whistle, the clock starts.
    The officials in this game did exactly what they should have, based on the timing rules of football.

  5. This makes since, the ruling of the catch by Joyner was not a 1st down and the sneak by Craven was a 1st down. That’s why the clock stopped at 2.2 seconds. It appears from this the chain crew made the wrong call by dropping the sticks after the Joyner catch.

  6. They did. That’s why the “White Hat” stepped out to the middle of the field and gave the 1st Down signal before putting the ball back into play (before the TD).

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