One Bracket Buster already throwing his picks for HS Football Playoffs out there from

*****Just found another Brackets Post by Brian Casteen today and this one may be a little more recent that our previous link and you can check it out when you CLICK HERE….*****

Brian Casteen is a man on the scene and his playoff brackets and picks for the teams that will make the playoffs are ones to be seen and Brian is trying to get the fire applying and complying and there is no denying that Brian Casteen might be the ‘Dean’ of early playoff predictions and his are ready and are you ready to read them???

If so, CLICK HERE for Brian Casteen at and get yourself an early taste of the NCHSAA Football Playoff Fever…

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  1. He’s projecting Smith to get the 3rd slot from Metro conference. Looking at remaining schedule, I believe Page will get the 3rd slot.

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