The Janesh Report for Week #9 of the High School Football Season with Josh Williams(#8 Guilford College Quakers)

The trust that has been given to me at this point is irreplaceable. I want to thank God and everyone involved for giving me a shot to make my dreams a reality.

Top Teams:
1. Dudley High School (7 – 0) 44 – 0 over Southern Alamance
2. Southern Guilford (9 – 0) 41 – 34 over Asheboro
3. West Forsyth (8 – 0) 35 – 25 over Davie
4. Eastern Alamance (8 – 0) Bye
5. Northern Guilford (7- 1) 22 – 21 over Eastern Guilford

Top Prospects:
1. Reggie Gallaspy (Southern Guilford) RB (2115 rushing yards)
2. Jamiel Mack (High Point Central) QB (1386 rushing, 1030 rushing)
3. Christian Beal (East Forsyth) RB (890 rushing, 10 TDs)
4. Mook Reynolds (Northern Guilford) ATH (42 tackles, 630 receiving yards)
5. Josh Homol (Northwest Guilford) QB (Over 1400 yards passing) (215 yards, 2 TDs last night)

Week’s Top Performers:
1. Tim Ward (High Point Central) DE (11 tackles, 3 sacks, 1 PBU)
2. Tevin Smith (Cummings High) WR (155 receiving)
3. Christian Beal (East Forsyth) RB (137 rushing, 3 TDs)
4. Reggie Gallaspy (Southern Guilford) RB (142, 2 TDs)
5. Jawan Hamick (Reidsville) RB (166 rushing, 2 TDs)

Spotlight Recap: (High Point Central – 17 vs Northwest Guilford – 28)
Tonight was a game built and won upon momentum. The pendulum was on the side of High Point Central through the first half. Something came over Northwest during 2nd half. I’m pretty sure the coaching staff for Northwest got to them good during the halftime break. After they stopped HPC on their first defensive stand, Northwest took the momentum from that point on. I think HPC came out to the second half flat and unprepared to finish the game. Maybe the distractions of homecoming. Who knows?

As for the stars of the game, from HPC, I got a chance to talk to Tim Ward (Sr. DE) and Braxton McIntyre (Sr. DB). Both had the vibe that they felt they should have won this game. They both felt that the team left plays on the field that may have changed the outcome of the game. I then geared the conversation towards recruiting. Braxton expressed his frustration about playing the DB position that covers the wide side of the field. He said that a lot of teams don’t throw the ball to the wide side and on top of that, because of the cover 3 zone they usually run, he usually doesn’t get a lot of action over top. Most things happen underneath him or to the short side of the field. Braxton said that it also felt good to know that he was locking up his receiver the majority of the plays. This is another reason teams don’t really throw his way. Braxton is a zone coverage type of corner. He has shown the ability to play bump and man up but doesn’t get a chance at showcasing that on film.

As for Tim, I asked what type of schools were recruiting him. Before tonight, I didn’t know anything about the 6’6 215 pound senior DE. He answered with a list of Division 1 AA schools that he has received offers from. His favorite schools include Gardner Webb and Old Dominion (an offer he picked up about a week or two ago). This kid ended up with 11 tackles, 3 sacks, 1 PBU. Balled.

As for Northwest Guilford, Josh Homol and Thomas Hennigan hooked up for a big night. As I talking recruiting, Josh Homol still awaits his first college offer. After the type of season he is having, I would be surprised if he doesn’t receive a couple offers after the college coaches finish up their season. I explained to him that those coaches are heavily tied up with their football seasons at the moment. A bunch of offers will be sent out at the end of the their season in response to how the seniors that they are recruiting perform throughout the year. I gave Homol some words of encouragement by reassuring him that with the season he is having, he is putting himself in a great position. I just mentored him to continue to stay focused from week to week. The numbers he has put up this season will speak for themselves when the time comes.

As for Hennigan, he hasn’t received the college interest that I had expected. He is still young to say the least but it’s getting close to crunch time for him with recruiting, especially with the year he is having as a sophomore. He said he received MVP honors at a National Underclassman Camp this summer. I advised him to attend the college camp circuit next summer. With that process along with the film and stats of this year, he is well on his way to playing on the next level. I’m glad I caught him early.

I’m excited, everyone. I want to continue to grow into my role as the recruiting consultant of the Triad. I’m well on my way and we are well on our way to become the recruiting hotspot of North Carolina that I know we can be.

– Janesh