Middle School Football for today(10/22/14) plus big JV game with East Forsyth at Southwest Guilford tonight at 7pm

JV Football on Wednesday night instead of Thursday night and we have East Forsyth(6-1) at Southwest Guilford(7-0)…Very big game here at SWG, with the kickoff coming at 7pm….

Middle School Football this afternoon:
Southern Guilford at Eastern Guilford 5pm Tommy Grayson Field
Southwest Guilford(4-0) at Jamestown(5-0)…..(Ragsdale HS/Kenneth Miller Stadium) 5pm….Battling for the Title Today….
Aycock vs Kiser at 5pm(Location: Page HS)
Guilford at Jackson 5pm….Pretty sure that Jackson plays their games at Smith’s Claude Manzi Stadium….
Northwest Guilford at Northern Guilford 5:30pm
Mendenhall vs Northeast at 5:30pm at Mendenhall
*****Who else do we have on the slate for today?*****

from Monday and Tuesday Middle School Football Finals:
From Tuesday:Hairston 44, Penn-Griffin 0
Monday:Eastern Guilford 20, Southeast Guilford 8
Monday:Jamestown Middle School 21, Northwest Guilford 6

+++++Still kind of tough to process the fact that they are in many cases playing TWO Middle School Football games in one week, and in several cases, they are playing TWO games in three days….Must be the smaller bodies and flexible human structures…Can you imagine high school, college or pro teams playing two games in the same week and how about TWO games in three days??? I guess for the kids, they love it and would be ready any day of the week at a moments notice….+++++
(Maybe our study should look at when the pros play on Sunday and then again on Thursday, maybe that is a case we should look at and include, but then they get the long rest after the Thursday night game, until the following Sunday with 9 days rest….The human body is a strange mechanism and it must be treated properly.)


  1. Jamestown Middle’s game with SW is between two undefeated teams as Jamestown is 5-0 and SW is 4-0. If Jamestown wins they clinch the Big 5 Conference Championship!

  2. Must admit, have never seen that before, but that is what makes life so interesting….You put something out there and see who can go get it and these guys did back in 2005:

    Northwestern College (Minn.) will play a rare, if not unprecedented, day-night football doubleheader Oct. 8. But athletics director Matt Hill and coach Kirk Talley want to be clear: By scheduling two games in one day, they are simply dealing with logistical and scheduling issues, not trying to prove anything.

    “We are not trying to embarrass any schools,” Hill says. “We’re just trying to get 10 games in.”

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