Football in Focus Tonight from Shane’s Rib on Westover Terrace with Kenneth Brown Jr.(Smith HS) and Graves, Meadows, Cromartie and Harris from Dudley HS, plus Coach Best from Dudley

*****We also had Dudley assistant coach DeNorris Best with us and I can tell you, after talking to Coach Best a few times, this young man is one of the smartest young coaches we have in the state and we are lucky/fortunate to have him here coaching in Guilford County…This young man is wise beyond his years…..And he really knows his Dudley football history…..*****

We have our Football in Focus Show set to go tonight at the Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace, just up the street from the Grimsley High School and Shane’s is the home of the best ribs in town…..Also located right across the street from the Fire Station and Lucky 32’s, there on Westover Terrace….

To open the Football in Focus Show we will have Kenneth Brown Jr. from Ben L. Smith High School and he will have a preview of the Smith-Page game set for Friday at Ben L. Smith….We will get rolling at 6pm with Kenneth and then we will bring on the players from James B. Dudley High School….

Tonight we’ll hit that football path again with players due in from Dudley High School, and we’ll talk to the Unbeaten Panthers(7-0) about their big game on Friday night, with the Grimsley Whirlies, just down the street from Shane’s at Jamieson Stadium, on the Grimsley campus….

From Dudley we are looking for RB/KR man Darius Graves, DB Tre Meadows, LB/P/K Elijah Harris and DL Naizaire Cromartie…..

Good football conversation as we talk up the Dudley Panthers and their game on Friday night at Jamieson Stadium and then the food should be outstanding tonight, just like it is every week at Shane’s Rib Shack….

Ribs, Rib Sandwiches, Ribs on the bone and falling off and right into you mouth, or maybe your lap if you are not careful….BBQ Ribs, BBQ Chicken, BBQ with a real nice ‘Big Dad’ BBQ sandwich, Chicken coming from all directions with Chicken Wings, Chicken Tenders, Chicken Salad and you can get those wings smoked, dipped in a sauce and served up several different ways at Shane’s…..Shane’s also has one real nice wrap sandwich that has the people talking and saying real good things about those wrap sandwiches and get the Wrap with a side of fries, okra, baked beans, salad greens, a tossed salad, mac and cheese, Brunswick stew and much, much more…..

Shane’s is the best stop on your restaurant list and if you have missed one of our Football in Focus Shows, be sure not to miss this evening’s production and you can catch it here at GreensboroSports Radio and later on, you can listen back to the previous link, here at the site…..

Tonight at Shane’s at 6pm or shortly thereafter, with football players from Dudley High School and Smith High School’s Kenneth Brown Jr. with a preview of the Smith-Page game coming up on Friday night at Claude Manzi Stadium….

from Shane’s watch out/look out for Paul and Chelsey, they will be your contact people when you arrive there….GreensboroSports Radio at 6pm tonight…