Meet the Teams Midday Madness with GTCC Basketball and Baseball(Coach John Barrow interview)

We were with the GTCC Titans today and they introduced and showcased their basketball and baseball teams today at the Ragsdale YMCA on High Point Road with Busta Brown on hand as the MC…

The Baseball team from GTCC took the floor first:Click Below

Interview with John Barrow, baseball coach GTCC Titans:

Men’s Basketball up next:

Women’s GTTC Titans team being introduced by Busta Brown:

Women Hoops breaking the team huddle:

Women’s hoops drills with GTCC Titans:

Women Titans in warmups with names like Salena Lozada and others at GTCC during Midday Madness:

GTCC Women with game time:

Women’s hoops action from GTCC Titans:

GTCC Men in warmups and some dunking machines, lots of jams with guys like Kaleel Walton and Carmoni Marks out there from WG and I thought I saw a Coble kid out there too…Click Below: