Greensboro Parks and Recreation Football Playoff Results(Quarterfinals)

Here are the results of the second night of quarterfinal games in the 2014 Greensboro Parks & Recreation Football Playoffs.

Pee Wee Games: Lewis Center defeated the Leonard Center and Northeast Athletic Association squeaked by Peeler Center.

Mite Games: Lewis Center beat Peeler Center and Warnersville Center advanced with a victory over the Northeast Athletic Association.

The Semifinals will be played on Tuesday, November 4 at JC Park with the following schedule:

Pee Wee Games at 6:15 on the Bondurant Field – Trotter Center vs. Warnersville Center and on the Stanley Field – Northeast Athletic Association vs. Lewis Center

Mite Games at 7:30 on the Bondurant Field – Windsor Center vs. McLeansville Athletic Association and on the Stanley Field – Warnersville Center vs. Lewis Center