Greensboro Parks and Recreation Football Playoffs with Semifinals TONIGHT at Jaycee Park:Lewis vs. McLeansville in Mite Final

Tuesday night Finals from Mites:McLeansville 13, Windsor 12….Lewis Center 14, Warnersville 7….McLeansville vs. Lewis Center for the Title this Saturday….More details coming in from Don Tilley in the morning/Wednesday….

The Semifinals will be played TONIGHT at JC Park with the following schedule:
(Don Tilley and Phil Hardin will be on the scene with post-game reports/updates.)

Pee Wee Games at 6:15 on the Bondurant Field – Trotter Center vs. Warnersville Center and on the Stanley Field – Northeast Athletic Association vs. Lewis Center

Mite Games at 7:30 on the Bondurant Field – Windsor Center vs. McLeansville Athletic Association and on the Stanley Field – Warnersville Center vs. Lewis Center

*****Looks like Lewis Center could be the team to beat/stop.*****