High School Football Saturday Morning rewind:Playoff Picture is still cloudy(We don’t know anything yet, but we do know it is coming)

The Playoff Picture is not “Picture Perfect”, as we have everybody sitting around this morning and possibly into the early afternoon, waiting on those NCHSAA Brackets to come out…

For many it is like waiting on Santa Claus to arrive on Christmas…For others though, it is like waiting to go to a funeral….Those are two really different feelings there, don’t you know….

Well as we wait, let’s look at some of those key numbers coming out of last night’s games and we have to congratulate and allow teams celebrate their wins from last evening, as Dudley(Metro) and East Forsyth(PTA) claimed Conference Championships to go along with others such as Southern Guilford(MPC) and Eastern Alamance(Mid-State) finished off their business last week….

Four touchdowns last night for Christian Cokely from Dudley and four TD’s last night for Mook Reynolds from Northern Guilford….That will help put an extra slab of bacon on your plate for this Saturday morning as we “Rewind”….Three TD passes and a TD run for the Dudley Panthers’ Hendon Hooker and this kid seems to be getting a little big better every week….Hooker was 8-9 in the passing department for 205 yards and the 3 TD’s and he is leading Dudley into a phase of their offense, where now Dudley makes the BIG plays for touchdowns, they have developed that “Quick Strike” capablity….Cokely had close to 200 yards himself when you look back at his two TD receptions for 96 yards and his 80-yard interception return for the TD and his TD run….Probably a real important key for Dudley last night was how their defense stepped up after allowing SEG 21 points in the first half and then the Panthers kept the Falcons scoreless the rest of the way….

The Mook Reynolds TD’s for Northern came on pass receptions of 22, 40 and 27 yards and he took a punt return back for a touchdown and that play covered 67 yards….Four TD passed for Northern’s Cam Harris last night and at least 175 passing yards…Three TD’s to Reynolds and one for 60 yards to Tre Marsh….

Jamiel Mack(150 rush/120 pass) posted three more TD’s(all on the run) for High Point Central last night and in the same game, Eric Cunningham rushed for 153 yards and a TD for Southwest Guilford(EC with 77 passing yards and 56 receiving)….Jarius Morehead with two TD runs and a TD pass to Isaiah Finerty for Eastern Guilford….Numbers have Morehead at 117 yards on the evening…

Ragsdale Tigers right on the ball with their win over Glenn and with that win, Ragsdale got themselves right back into the playoffs for 2014….Tigers numbers as they were on the march toward the playoffs…Tigers’ QB Alec Cobb goes 14 for 24 passing for 270 yards, with 1 interception and 3 big TD’s (1 rush, 2 pass)….WR TJ Parker snags 7 catches for 153 yards and 1 TD…..WR Tevin Quick with 6 receptions for 102 yards and another Tiger Touchdown…..Bryce Craig picked up 1 catch for 15 yards…
On the ground Brandon Harris had 22 carries for 69 yards and three touchdowns/3 TD’s…That’s sure getting it done….RB Jarious Drayton added 60 yards? on 10 carries…..

Zach McLean with 184 yards and a TD for High Point Christian in the Cougars loss to Wake Christian in the playoffs over in High Point…Timmons a TD grab in a Norris TD toss and Ethan Reeder a good kicking game for HPCA….

Josh Homol with two TD passes, one from Homol to Hennigan(Thomas) and one from Homol to Henry(Kevin) in the Northwest Guilford loss to East Forsyth…See how those H’s work well together for the Vikings….Homol, Hennigan and Henry, just in case you missed it…

Javon Leake scored on touchdown runs of 2 and 47 yards as Page blanked host Southern Alamance….

More to follow….


  1. cokely had 3 touchdowns. (2 rec. touchdown 1 int return) person-boyd had 2 touchdowns.(1 rec. 1 rush) the newspaper has it incorrect. person-boyd ran the touchdown in.

  2. That is the way I thought we saw it too, but so much has gone down the river that past 24 hours, it is hard to tell, but I wasn’t so sure about the 4 Cokley TD’s and we will go with 3 for Cokley and 2 Person Boyd….

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