Hold the Phones:We may see some changes in the Playoffs

We will keep it here and hold the line and hold the phones until we get some calls back on this one, but we may see some changes in the playoffs and I sure hope that they don’t have to re-seed, but that could well be the case…

Receiving a lot of texts and some phone calls on this one tonight and we will have to sit tight and see how this playoff picture gets cleared up….

Got to feel there will be some 4-A changes and if not, that would suit me fine and we could just carry on, but that does not seem to be what is going to happen in the end…

Lots of twitter activity going down on this one and we will post and add more to this NCHSAA Playoff Picture, as we receive verified information…

There has been movement today, but we will hold it here and sit tight here until we get a final verdict…..

No comments on this one for now because the speculation could blow or raise the roof off of this place and we all need to stay calm and let the NCHSAA handle the matters at hand…

We hope to be checking back with you throughout the night and again, this could end up effecting several of our Guilford County teams in the NCHSAA 4-A Football Playoffs….

Stayed tuned and do stay calm, all will be worked out and hopefully in due process….

*****We could see one of our teams totally Gone from the playoffs and another team receiving a Round One win by forfeiture.*****
(That is just one sceanario that we have been given.)

*****Another development could have our Guilford County team back in the playoffs, but dropping down in the seedings and they might still end up at home, but with a different Round One opponent.*****

*****Still waiting on the Final Word from the NCHSAA in Chapel Hill.*****
(Hoping the 8 Quarter Rule doesn’t bite our local team and that they can keep their (10-0) on Varsity and their (10-0) on JV, but this is going to be a tough one here.)………..

+++++The question we all have in front of us now, is where are we all going to be come Round One of the NCHSAA Playoffs, on Friday night?????+++++

*****Did receive confirmation this morning at about 3am and the NCHSAA is looking into the outcome of the Dudley-SEG game from last Friday night and they hope to have a playoff resolution pertaining to this game by later today…The case in question would be the use of a JV football player by Dudley in this contest….*****

+++++When we get the final decision in print from the NCHSAA we will open a window of discussion and let all of you voice your opinion on this matter for a given period of time…+++++