Dudley Panthers out of the Playoffs:Appeal Process currently under way

Just got off the phone with Rick Strunk in Chapel Hill with the NCHSAA and he has confirmed that the Dudley Panthers are currently out of the NCHSAA 4-A football playoffs, but an appeal has been filed by Dudley and that the committee must convene this morning and study this Dudley Panther appeal to see if Dudley will be allowed to re-enter/re-join the 4-A Football Playoffs…

The NCHSAA hopes to a have release out to the public later on this morning and as of now, Dudley is OUT, but they are holding out hope that they can get back in, based on their appeal to the NCHSAA….

From the Guilford County Schools web site by way of the News and Record at www.news-record.com:

Guilford County Schools reported four ineligible players to the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) on Monday, Nov. 10. All four players dressed out for the Dudley High varsity football game against Southeast High on Friday, Nov. 7. One of the players actually played in the game, which Dudley won 50-21.

The four players were on the junior varsity team; that season ended on Thursday, Nov. 6. When that season is over, players may be moved up to the varsity level and may play in the playoffs.

However, according to NCHSAA rules, student-athletes may not participate in more than one game within one week. Even though only one of the four students played in the game, NCHSAA rules say students who dress for a game are considered participating.

The penalty for the violation is a $500 fine and Dudley must forfeit the Nov. 7 game. In addition, Dudley is not permitted to participate in playoffs.

Dudley would have to forfeit the SEG and their Round One Playoff game, but you have to wonder about the fact that the JV season was over at the end of the game on Thursday night, but the NCHSAA has the rule that you can’t participate in two games in the same week….

You have to wonder what Ragsdale, Duldey’s heir apparent opponent on Friday night, you wonder what Ragsdale must be thinking about their future right now…Do we have a game on Friday night this week or do we win and move on to Round Two by forfeit?????

We will, at the right time, take comments on this issue, but it must be totally extracted before we can do that……

*****Here’s what Dudley head coach Steven Davis had to say about the situation when talking with Joe Sirera of the News and Record at www.news-record.com:*****

“Everybody moves up (JV) players for the playoffs,” Dudley’s coach said, “and for them to report that … it just puts a dark cloud over this program where we’re not doing anything wrong. I want everyone to know that it’s not a situation where these kids are living out of district, these kids don’t have the grades, these kids’ attendance is bad. It was literally two plays, and they decided to report that when that didn’t have any bearing on the game. We won that game fair and square on the field, and that’s the truth.”

CLICK HERE for full News and Record post/article from Joe Sirera….