Statement on Dudley Panthers’ football playoff hopes from the NCHSAA:Appeal will come on Wednesday morning(See NCHSAA Executive Committe members below)

*****Dudley High School’s appeal to the Executive Committee of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association is now scheduled for Wednesday morning.*****

CHAPEL HILL—The North Carolina High School Athletic Association has announced that Dudley High School of Greensboro has reported ineligible players and COULD be eliminated from the upcoming NCHSAA football playoffs.

Dudley reported ineligible players in its final regular season game against Southeast Guilford and thus would have to forfeit that contest. The school has filed notice of an appeal, which will go to the executive committee of the NCHSAA.

Commissioner Davis Whitfield said the rule governing the situation in terms of the playoff brackets is 3.2.3 (a) in the current edition of the NCHSAA Handbook, which states that “the team shall not participate in playoffs if, after the brackets have been finalized, forfeited contests cause an adjustment in its record and seed.”

No other seeds or pairings would change since the brackets had been finalized.

The NCHSAA Executive Committee is made up of NCHSAA Commissioner Davis Whitfield, NCHSAA President Bill Miller (Polk County Schools), NCHSAA Vice President Mo Green (Guilford County Schools), and NCHSAA Board of Directors Tony Baldwin (Buncombe County Schools), Ron Butler (Pitt County Schools), Angie Miller (Nash-Rocky Mount Schools), and Dwayne Stallings (Perquimans County Schools).


  1. All would stay the same and Ragsdale would move on to the next round/Round Two with a forfeiture victory….

    You wish that the NCHSSA could switch the Dudley and SEG seeds and have Ragsdale go to SEG in Round One and High Point Central over to Dudley, but the NCHSAA has said that they are not looking to change the seedings or the brackets, so that move seems like a stretch, but it would look to be a good idea to me…

    Dudley drops the game to SEG and they lose their #1 seed, but they still get a chance to participate in the playoffs…..

    We still have to wait and see what comes down later today….

  2. Before everyone gets mad at the NCHSAA for their decision to eliminate Dudley from the playoffs, let’s get the whole story! The person everyone should be mad at is the coach, he broke the rules (petty or not) he knew the rule. The question everyone should be asking is WHY IS A JUNIOR PLAYING ON DUDLEY’s *undefeated* JV football team. For years Dudley has had kids transfer or move into their district to attend Dudley Academy, these kids “just so happen” to be great athletes. I could name at least 3 of their starters on Defense that have attended other schools in the city or attended middle schools outside of Dudleys district. Dudley has the best Athletes in the city hands down, all the more reason for them to follow the rules. I feel bad for their players, all their hard work down the drain over a simple rule infraction. But I guarantee you that if NCHSAA dug more into it there would be way more than just this they would find. Keep that in mind Panther fans.

  3. You cant just switch those seeds, because there were draws with all of the undefeated teams and the one loss teams. cant just assume thy get the same spots.

  4. I think we need to do what is best for Guilford County and look out for our teams that still need a playoff home game or two.

  5. Our best bet would probably be to put a cap on this comment box until we get the full and final details from Chapel Hill….At least for another hour or two until we get the Final Word….

    All in agreement with me, let me hear from you from now until 3pm….

    The main focus has to be on what happened with the game last Friday night and any previous situations…..

    Let us hear from you till 3pm if you have a word on this…


  6. @east side res is exactly right they’re always trying to point out other schools for cheating or recruiting and I know for a fact they do to they tried to recruit someone at a camp I know but we are going to leave it at that and worry about this.

  7. We are going to leave this open for another half hour or so and see what people have to say and let’s stick to the matter at hand and we really can’t explore this matter of the JV players dressing for the Varsity game and one Junior JV Football player playing for two plays in the SEG game until we get that Final ruling from Chapel Hill….

    Ragsdale was in the playoffs back in 2001 I think it was and they had to wait an entire week to see who they would play while one team was sent out of the playoffs and another team got in….Ragsdale with Toney Baker eventually met Boiling Springs Crest at Ragsdale in the NCHSAA 3-A West Title Game and Crest won it….

  8. I would like to see Dudley play but what is the basis for an appeal? “We didn’t know” or “We thought” does not seem like a valid case an appeal.

  9. Spending the day on this project for our readers and followers here at and was just on the phone again with Rick Strunk at the NCHSAA office down in Chapel Hill and the problem right now is continuation….

    We have a continuation until at least later on tonight or some time on Wednesday with the problem right now being the NCHSAA is trying to round up all of the Committee members from across the state so they can review the Dudley Panthers’ appeal….

    Since this is a holiday(Veterans Day) many committee members are not at school today as they would normally be and to put together a committee member meeting by teleconference, this has not been easy….

    Just like in the college and pro football games that we see on the TV, this ruling is under review and it may be sometime tomorrow before we know the Final Decision….

    We probably have as much info for you as any outlet around on this one, so keep it with us here….

    In the meantime, Dudley can not practice today or meet as a team today and that was the same deal back on Monday….

    Until all of this is resolved, Dudley’s 2014 Football Season is hanging in the balance….Not gone entirely yet, but hanging by a thread…

    *****The big question in all of this is how do you think it will end up???? Will Dudley play football on Friday night or is their season over? That should be our BIG QUESTION right now as we wait on the continuation from the NCHSAA Committee…..

    We will leave this box open for a while and what we would really like to see is your thoughts on how will this turn out for Dudley. Is it over or will we see them playing again on Friday night?

    Box stays open as long as we can stay on top of the topic and if it gets out of hand, then we will have to shut it down…..*****

    +++++Just a reminder, this might take a while, so stay calm and you have to be patient…Could now be some time Wednesday before all of this is resolved.+++++

  10. I hate this horrible rule, but in order for Dudley to be able to participate Northern Guilford should be given their win back against NW for the same violation. NCHSAA needs to do away with the 8 quarters rule and go back to stricltly JV or Varsity players like it used to be.


  12. This seems pretty straight forward. The Dudley players were ineligible (the 3 that dressed and the 1 junior that played the 2 plays). That means they forefit the game. Since the forefit came after the seedings were finalized, the rule is pretty clear that if a forefit impacts your record and seed (which it would), the team doesn’t get to play in the playoffs.

    It sucks for those kids, but I don’t see how you Dudley gets to play.

  13. Makes you wonder if this is like the football game on TV where the longer you have to wait, the less likely you are to get your call reversed…..

    I think the NCHSAA will get the job done, but is there any wiggleroom in this ruling???

    If you are a Dudley football player, what do you do then come Friday/this Friday night when you should have begun playing for a second straight 4-A Title….

    This is mind-boggling to some extent….What do you do and where would you go on that night??? It has been a while since the Panthers have been placed into that position….

    Does make you stop and think, you were ready to move on to Round One of the playoffs and then if you have that opportunity taken away, what do you do then?

    How does this one turn out???

    Very captivating issue facing our local team……

  14. Also makes you wonder if everything about the ruling is so cut-and-dry, why would the NCHSAA Committee even be meeting…Or is all of this just a formality….
    (Must consider the appeal per ruling?)

    There has to be some hope left out there and we will join those that are holding out the faith….

    *****We might be breaking this one down for weeks to come.*****

  15. The problem with this is the timing. Any other week of the season and it is simply a forfeit, Dudley finishes 10-1, they still compete in the playoffs and are seeded accordingly. While forfeiting a game would feel bad, it would not be catastrophic, they would still earn their right to compete. I am sure the rule about if the brackets are finalized was put in for some reason, probably a good reason, but it is obvious that the rules committee did not think all the possibilities through before adopting the rule. It would have been impossible to think every situation through so I am not blaming them. I hope for the players sake that the committee can see that Dudley or any school that made this mistake the last week of the season is being punished more severely than a team that commits the same infraction any other week of the season. Increase the fine or suspend the coach for a game, do something if necessary but let the kids play. They have worked hard and represented themselves, the school and Greensboro well this year. Let them play!

  16. All I knw is I want to be at the southeast an Dudley game next year I hope Dudley puts up 80 an show that seg is trash an remind us that these folks never played in/on the field they always get us from behind a desk!!! Cause they fear us an never want us to succeed

  17. This just goes to show that as a top team, you need to make sure all your I’s are dotted and your T’s crossed! There will always be someone watching what you do and hope you mess up somewhere. And unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened. There really wasn’t any reason for the 4 JV players to be moved up for that last regular game. Sorry, but this is on the Dudley coach. If the NCHSAA sticks with their original ruling, then I hate it for those kids who worked hard all season only to have it end like this.

  18. fine the heck out of the school, suspend the coach for the entire state playoffs, and force Dudley to play all of their playoff games on the road; but let the kids who earned an undefeated regular season and a #1 ranking play for the state title. probably too simple a solution…

  19. The information I’ve read mentions 4 players, but it appears to me that the only problem is related to one junior JV player that played also in the varsity game. I believe that under the 8 quarter rule (which is supposed to be used only for emergency depth situations), a player can play in more than one game/week. But, the 8 quarter rule applies only to 9th/10th graders, not juniors .

    If the circumstances are as they appear, I totally agree that the punishment for Dudley would be unduly harsh.

    Regardless, between the Northern problem last year and this issue with Dudley, it looks clear that the coaches and AD’s need to make sure they understand these rules, and thoroughly review the rosters before every game to be sure they don’t get into a problem.

  20. This sucks. I am going to miss eating the fish. Best fish and fries in greensboro… let the kids play… punish the head coach and fine the school. They learned there lesson….

  21. I agree with NWGHS comments above. Mixed emotions as we all digest this. Either do away with the rule or have some clear administration management guidelines pre game. In the heat of a game somethings could be overlooked, need to have an safe strategy each and every game. This Northern fan is sad for the Dudley Team, those boys have put in work and it is a tough “life is not fair” lesson. Keep your chin up guys! Everyone knows you won on the field!

  22. It’s all comes down to one team dressing up 4 JV players on Friday, instead of waiting until Monday to place them on the varsity roster for the playoffs. I understand rules, but we as adults break them everyday {Traffic, Workplace, Relationships, Taxes, Etc.} Some are deliberate, but most or UNINTENTIONAL !!! I as a father can make stupid simple minded mistakes at work or driving, but my 14 yr old child shouldn’t have to pay for them. Those 48 out of 52 players didn’t do anything wrong, but bust their butts on a wonderful season… why make them pay for it. Make Dudley Forfeit Game to Southeast, Charge them fined of $500.00, Suspend the coach for a game or two……..But to kill their season for a 44 second, 2 play gametime and those other JV suiting up….is to much for that infraction. We as adults gets a PRAYER FOR JUDGEMENT or SUSPENDED SENTENCE…..Why don’t the kids ????????

  23. Tough situation. I know Ragsdale well enough that this is not how they want to advance. And it’s about the only way they could

    As to the rule, the real intention is to keep kids from playing more than one game a week. Along with stacking your roster. Years ago they had an unusual rule where a kid could play what they called the 5th quarter. A JV player could play up to 10 quarters on varsity before he had to move up to varsity full time. That rule has since been changed.

    Coach Davis is a good coach and he knows the rules. I don’t think his intention was to cheat in any way. I think he just made a mistake. It’s possible an asst. coach put the kid in without him even knowing. The question becomes does this set a precedent? Or do you follow the rule to the letter? People are going to be upset either way.

  24. As per what we have been reporting earlier today

    The most recent word from the NCHSAA and in print at the N& says:

    Dudley has appealed the NCHSAA’s ruling and a conference call of the association’s executive committee will be held Wednesday morning to hear that appeal, NCHSAA officials said.

  25. Wonder if there was any sort of Statute of Limitations on the motion that was filed by Southeast Guilford….Once the period of time specified in a statute of limitation passes, a claim can no longer be validly filed.
    (from Wikipedia)

    *****In studying this matter further, I can not find where any Statute of Limitations applies to this case….*****

    There is so much going into all of this that you hope all is well in some shape, form or fashion by the end of the week…

    I still remember back in 2005 and driving up to Grimsley HS to broadcast the Grimsley-Crest game that night and Crest had to forfeit the game that day(Friday of the game) due to an ineligible player and Grimsley moved on to the Championship Game vs. Greenville Rose the next week in the 4-A’s…..Grimsley became the 4-A West Champs that year and did not have to take to the field to get that trophy the week of the West finals…

    Grimsley wasn’t involved at all, they just happened to pick up the forfeit win….And had the chance to play for the title…

    And back in 2001 Ragsdale’s West 3-A Bracket got delayed a whole week due to a team being kicked out of the playoffs…They went ahead and played the East games in 3-A’s, but the West got pushed back a full week….

  26. Official Notice from Rick Strunk at the NCHSAA:

    Dudley High School’s appeal to the Executive Committee of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association is now scheduled for Wednesday morning.

  27. As a proud Dudley grad, I was disappointed to hear The Metro 4A Conference Champs were not going to be allowed to participate in the state playoffs. The fact that these players were not needed for the game against SEG is even more disappointing.I agree with a few of the comments that the coaches need to be well versed on the rules regarding eligible players each year. I have heard rumors that it was someone from SEG that reported Dudley. That being said, rules are rules and someone, especially a team that can’t beat you on the field, is always watching to get something on you.

    Congratulations on another undefeated season, keep your heads up, continue to work hard, we all know you will be back next year.

    I will be sure to circle the game between Dudley and SEG next year!!!

  28. Ed Hardin with the News and Record with a good article that highlights that the Punihsment Does Not Fit the Crime for what Dudley did and Ed says that it is just WRONG….

    CLICK HERE to check out the article from Ed Hardin…

    Good read, be sure to check it out….

  29. Dudley best plead their best case at the hearing. I also suggest the Panthers take the “17” seed.That way seeded brackets stay the same for the rest of the 4a West.

  30. So after reading Hardin’s article, if Dudley did indeed report themselves, why wait so long to do so? Again, it comes down to knowing the rules and what is and isn’t allowed and the consequences of you don’t follow the rules. Still hate for those kids but coach should have known better.

  31. A good piece of info here…..Here is the NCHSAA Executive Committe that will be making the ruling on the Dudley appeal:

    The NCHSAA Executive Committee is made up of NCHSAA Commissioner Davis Whitfield, NCHSAA President Bill Miller (Polk County Schools), NCHSAA Vice President Mo Green (Guilford County Schools), and NCHSAA Board of Directors Tony Baldwin (Buncombe County Schools), Ron Butler (Pitt County Schools), Angie Miller (Nash-Rocky Mount Schools), and Dwayne Stallings (Perquimans County Schools).

    Committe news from….

  32. If Dudley looses the appeal, The chances of a state title coming to Guilford Co this year is bleak!!! I really wanted to see a Scotland Co vs Dudley rematch at 4A. In the event that the #1 seed Dudley is out on a technicality. The only thing left to watch is who will carry the torch for Guilford CO.

  33. The rules should be the same for every team. I think Northern had to forfeit 2 games last year for the same thing. NCHSAA should be consistent with it’s ruling. As for bringing home a state title, Guilford County has another undefeated team playing. SG.. and Northern looks very strong to represent Guilford county as well. This is a horrible thing for the young men that put all the time in this season but the rules should be fair and equitable for all teams!!!!

  34. The problem is the punishment has her fit the crime! But that is the process they have in place. It needs to change, but it can’t change mid season. It’s a travesty for Dudley, but it’s how it is.

    This isn’t the only infraction either… There will be more coming out of this…

  35. NWGHS has a good point. I have seen the 8 quarter form and it does not address juniors. Were the other 3 juniors? If not did they properly complete the form before the game?

    I also hate it for the kids. I hope they can work it so that they can still play.

  36. Well it is just a shame. We saw Northern blow another perfect season for the very same reason.

    I hate it for the players and their parents, especially the seniors.

    Coach should have known. Not sure why he didn’t.

  37. I’m not insinuating that Dudley is guilty of other rules violations, but where there is smoke, there is usually fire. I have a few questions that I would want answered if I was the committee reviewing their appeal:

    1. Is this the only time all year this rule has been broken or is this the only instance we are hearing about?
    2. Why was a junior who wasn’t good enough to play varsity the best available option?
    3. Why is this story getting talked about as if Dudley is the victim and two years ago, when it was NGHS, they were called liars, cheaters, and dishonest?

    Should the rules be changed? That’s up for discussion in the NCHSAA but for now, a rule was broken and now they must pay the consequences.

    And by the way, this has nothing to do with the 8Q rule. If it was a freshman or sophomore, 8Q would be in place. This is about upperclassmen being on both the JV and Varsity teams.

  38. The problem with this discussion is the absence of recognizing the nature or the rule. Teams should not be allowed to play in both JV and Varsity games unless younger players are playing up. Dudley apparently is playing Juniors on JV and dominating younger players

    The rules are designed to protect people. It seems wrong to me that adult coaches would allow older players to bully younger players in development. Hmmmm…. seems unethical to me

  39. The more I think about this, the angrier I get. Were the 4 players in question Juniors. Is it possible that Dudley has been playing Juniors in JV games for years to win at the JV level? Perhaps an appeal by Dudley may not be wise. It’s possible that they may indict themselves of greater infractions than the one they are involved in now.

    You have to look at the rule for what it is designed for: to keep the playing field fair and equitable. I’m curious to see if people in Guilford County will be so kind to if they find out that 14 year old freshmen have been playing against 17 year old Juniors?

  40. Andy, the public needs the media (people like you and Ed Hardin) to be asking questions like this. Noone is happy about the Dudley kids losing this great opportunity. But what about the kids on JV that Junior ran all over this year. It seems to me that you and Ed would want to know the answer to the question I posed. Has Dudley been using Junior back-up players on varsity as JV players? If they have, did they follow the proper procedures for reporting said players? Did the parents of opposing teams know that they’re children were facing older opponents?

  41. Nine times out of ten if high school junior is playing on JV he is not ready to play on Varsity….Over the years the Juniors on JV that I have seen have been players who got started late with football and do have to the experience to be on Varsity…

    Most of the Juniors on JV were usually players that the 9th and 10th graders could kick the Juniors tails cause the 9 and 10 graders were football players and the juniors were novices, they had no experience and if they did they would be on the varsity…

    Dudley dressed 4 players that should not have been dressed out for Varsity becasue they dressed out for the JV game on Thursday and played there….

    You can’t dress for both games in the same week…

    The fact that the kid played two plays does not change anything….He was a runningback that stepped in to play on the defensive line for a kid that got hurt….

    As soon as the players were dressed out that is where the problem came in…If you are dressed out for the Varsity they consider that the same as playing…

    Too much gray matter in these rules…

    Don’t think a junior that can’t make Varsity is going to be bullying anybody around, chances are with his lack of experience he might be the one that better be careful when he goes in there…

    If we were in the 10th grade or even in the 9th grade and there was an 11th grader on our JV team, we would probably have to take it easy on him, because he wasn’t there yet at our level and again if he was, he would be playing Varsity full time…

    If 1oth graders are ready, they are not going to be playing JV, they will be on your Varsity team…Same for any 11th grader…

    The JV’s that dressed out for Varsity that is where your problem was, because they had already been in one that week and that was with the JV’s…Don’t matter if you were 9th, 10th or 11th grade….

  42. We all need to be sure and watch the Channel 2/WFMY News at 11…I think Frank Mickens and Julie Luck are going to have a good report for us this Dudley Football story…

    On the JV football, my 9th and 10th graders are my future Varsity players and they will be the strenth of my JV team…It is all about training players that will be able to help me on Varsity and an 11th grader that is playing JV is not going to be able to help me a lot on Varsity…I would only get one year of quality time on Varsity next year from a kid that played JV as an 11th grader this year and I am not going to stack my JV just to win JV Conference Title…The JV is for building my varsity and if a player can help me he is for sure going to be playing up and not be playing down on JV…

    Shifting the players back and forth between teams can be tough to keep up with and that may part of our problem here….

    It would be nice to have both the JV and Varsity football titles, but I really just want the Varsity Title more than anything else if I am acting as a coach today….

  43. Interesting… You assume that this is an isolated incident. I’ve never seen a weak Junior football player with no confidence run out onto a football field without a coach telling him to do that. This thing seems fishy to me, and to be quite frank, it’s you job to smell it first.

    I know that Juniors are allowed to play JV, but don’t you think they should be at the same level as sophomores developmentally? I wonder if this player in question was an impact player for the JV team, or just a less developed player?

    Andy, you and Ed assume too much in this case. If I was you, I would not jump to anyone’s side until this thing fleshes out. Public opinion is rushing to one side and it’s a shame if serious violations have occurred and they’re ignored because of public pressure. C’mon… BE A NEWSMAN!

  44. Wait a minute,wait a minute, you are as a coach,a 3-time state champion,you get the BEST talent in the county (thanks to the so called academy)so why don’t you know the book end to end? In this case I can’t feel the sorrow that all Dudley fans are harping on,suspend the coach ,let the kids play because of the hard work they’ve done . . . . .nah,nah,nah,the chickens have come home for that roost!Dudley you have NO GROUNDS FOR AN APPEAL !!! You broke the rules,plain and simple whether the community around you wants to see it or not . . . .so,as in life . . .you suffer the consiquences.Just chalk it up as a lesson well learned,before the “playhouse really comes tumbling down ,aka (UNC’S situation in basketball) Enough about that,I wholeheartedly see no grounds whatsoever to uphold the appeal

    (Northen Guilfords state basketball championship) Move on my dear Dudley Panthers(your coach was a Pirate first AND THEY GOT AWAY WITH IT IN THE 80’S,,some lessons aren’t well learned. Coach Davis isn’t Coach Kirby,ok.I don’t have a dog in this fight,something very similar happened down east in Washington a few years back,you don’t remember? Dudley season should be . . .D-O-N-E !!!!! That’s just my 2 cents smh

  45. Sounds like Big Joe knows more than he’s telling? Care to enlighten us before tomorrow

  46. The key will be what happens when the committee gathers and makes their decision tomorrow morning….

    I think we should support the Panthers….They may have made some mistakes, but is there any room for mistakes when the these football rules are being taken into consideration, we will find out tomorrow…

  47. I know this. The local media coverage of this is weak. The player in question is a fully developed football player who ran all over JV teams this year. I am concerned about this sport and the quality of people who coach and teach our young players. I could care less about the appeal, and I do feel for the players. However, if Dudley is moving Juniors from Varsity to JV to help them win games, then the public needs to be informed. For myself, I hope my son plays on a fair and equitable field. I hope the adults in charge have enough sense to recognize what”fair and equitable” means.

    I know this may seem off topic, but it’s really not. It goes to the nature of the NCHSAA rules to promote fair and equitable play. If Dudley committed a violation, it violated the public trust in then notion that parents entrust their children to the coaches and teachers. This trust must not be broken. I hope Dudley did not violate this trust and that this was a simple mistake made by an honest coach. I’m simply saying that it is the job of the media to make sure and inform the public with accuracy.

  48. Fair enough Joe….Again from the football that I have seen over the years, if a kid is playing JV football in the 11th grade, he is not down there on the JV’s to win games, he is down there to learn the game…Kids in the 11th grade that know the game and are developed to point that can compete on the Varsity level, need to be playing Varsity football…

    Our best bet overall would be to have totally separate JV and Varsity teams and to not mix the two until the JV season was over the kids were ready to move up to the Varsity squad after the regular season is over and the playoffs are beginning, per NCHSAA rules…

    I have seen some JV kids that were big over the years and they were on JV, but they still have to have the proper understanding on how to play the game…

    Football is a game of survival in many ways and you have to know how to play the game the right way to survive…You may get the occasional “Cheap Shot”, but you have to find the way to bounce back and if Dudley is bounced from the playoffs in 2014, they will have to find a way to bounce back in 2015….Those possible five games from the playoffs will be a missed opportunity…

    Many coaches are able to use the playoffs as a teaching tool for the next season for their younger players and that is where much of this experience value comes into play….

  49. Why all the speculation? Dudley broke the rules. They are and should be out of the playoffs just as if it were any other team in the state. Season over for them and many teams left to bring it home for Guilford County. Hopefully they learn from it and play by the rules from this day forward. Costly mistake but that’s the way it is. What is it to change. You can’t change the players have already played 2 games in the same week or it would have changed the pairings which are both violations. Very clear on this end.

  50. @Tell us what you know…

    I do know some things, but only through observation. My concern over this is the way the media has led the Greensboro area to believe that the rules that have been broken do not justify the punishment dealt. My problem with this is the media does not have the facts yet. Ed Hardin and Greensboro Sports seem to paint a picture of unfairness in strict rule interpretation and that Dudley is getting treated poorly.

    I would like to know the facts first. I am simply challenging our local media to ask the tough questions for us before telling us what we should think. I must say, I’m getting tired of this kind of coverage.

    I have always read Andy’s blogs and appreciate his passion for Greensboro sports. I know that Greensboro Sports will ask the tough questions, and will reveal to us out in the public what REALLY happened. I am a big fan of this website and love to check up on all the sports… This story alarms me and I wanted to challenge our local media to do the right thing.

  51. I saw a comment that said “For years Dudley has had kids transfer or move into their district to attend Dudley Academy, these kids “just so happen” to be great athlete” this is a totally wrong comment. The Dudley Academy gives students an opportunity to get prepared for college. YOU DONT HAVE TO LIVE IN THE DISTRICT! Same goes for Page. That has nothing to do with the situation at hand. This is an eligibility matter. THIS DOESNT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH RECRUITING! Seems like every time a team is on a role they “recruit”. People are bringing that up like it’s even a factor. At the begging of every season each player is checked for ID or a reassignment letter. So stop bringing up RECRUITING!

  52. @Andy…

    Thanks for offering this public forum where people like me can come on here and be heard. It’s a good thing. I am also a good listener, so thanks for your replies. Well said.

  53. C Dot you just said it best. The “ADADEMY’ is why Dudley, Page, and Grimsley have always had an advantage in sports. They have the ACADEMY. Thanks for clearing that up. CARMA is just what they say it is!!!!!!

  54. @SEG grad last I checked dudley hasn’t always had an advantage over everyone. Grimsley hasnt, and as you can see by pages record this year, they don’t either! what about all the years dudley has had a bad record. Were they cheating then? Not that their on top their cheating.

  55. Time for us to close it out for tonight….We will come back in here tomorrow and see how this all turns out with the NCHSAA Executive Committee set to meet in the morning…

    Have a good night….

  56. Their not on top. They are and should be out of the playoffs. Teams that play by the rules are still playing.

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