High School Football Tonight with Round One of the playoffs upon us plus Picks and Poll

We will have our GreensboroSports Radio team down at Southern Guilford to follow the Storm tonight with Dennis White, Nathan White and the crew and we will get the show on the go from the road at 6:45pm with the kickoff set to come at 7:30pm…We have 9 Guilford County schools remaining in the playoffs and we will have scores coming in here at the site tonight with Don Moore on each of the games and on the other games in and around our area and a few from across the state…Keep it on GreensboroSports.com for all of your scores tonight and we will have that pre-game for you at 6:45 and then our post-game show, plus the Friday Night Finish with our input and your input on the games from tonight….

Here is a complete list of our games for this evening:

High Point Central(8-3) at Southeast Guilford(10-1)…Going to be a battle of two very good quarterbacks with Jamiel Mack of High Point Central and Ryan Craven from Southeast Guilford….Mack has some crazy-good targets in Charles Edmund, Tim Gorham and Chavis Little and Bubba Craven has a favorite target in Greg Liggs that can haul in the big-play catch…I told someone yesterday that one of the secrets to the playoffs is that if the QB hands off to the RB that play will work 100% of the time….QB just hands him the ball, if the QB looks to hookup with a receiver that play is going to work 50% of the time…100% for sure on the run, 50% sure on the pass and the difference is the “Big Play” nature of the pas play….Which team will have the better running game? The X-Factor to this game may be the running of Mack from Central….How well does he get out there on the ends of the field and does find the room he needs to turn the run upfield???

C.B. Aycock(4-7) at Southern Guilford(11-0)…..Southern has that back that can take you a long way and he has already to an (11-0) season, but now everybody is (0-0) going into Round One and with Reggie Gallaspy back there and you have to remember, he and his team have had a week to rest up and to get healed up for this game since they had the Open date last Friday and for a kid that carried the ball as much as Gallaspy did, that has to be a good thing…Time off to re-charge the batteries and now let’s get running again with authority and with Nathan Stoner at QB and Ron Hunt at WR, Southern has a package or two that can make them a deep team in these playoffs….Southern is more than just Reggie Gallaspy, but in Round One he may be enough to put this one ice early….And they may not have to send out for the ice tonight….

Northwood(9-2) at Northern Guilford(10-1)…..Pretty tough Round One matchup for the Nighthawks with the Chargers coming in to Johnny Roscoe Stadium and when you see (9-2) vs. (10-1) in Round One, you get the feeling this might just be a good one….NG has the “Big Three” with Cam Harris, Mook Reynolds and C.J. Freeman and you really have to respect the body of work turned in by all three this year, but the most impressive year may be coming in from Harris….His stats numbers are off of the primary charts and the kid has taken over that QB spot and has not missed a beat this year….Northern is one of the best playoff teams in the state, they play the entire year just to get here, and that when they excel…Unless they hit a major bump in the road, they should be good for at least three rounds of these playoffs, no matter what happens…Don’t have their playoff record in front of me, but I can tell you, it is very impressive….Went (15-0) from 2010-2012 and went (3-1) last season….

Providence(8-3) at Northwest Guilford(8-3)…..Don’t know anything about Providence other than their (8-3) record and their #9 seed, but if you look at the game strictly by the numbers, you have a #8(NWG) vs. a #9(Providence) and you have two teams, both at (8-3) on the season….This makes me want to go to MaxPreps to learn a little bit more and I will and I will be right back….Tied for second in the South Meck 8 Conference with South Mecklenburg and Ardrey Kell at (5-2)…Charlotte Catholic won the conference….Kell drew the #2 seed and is hosting Page and South Mecklenburg got the number 4 seed and they are traveling to meet Matthews Butler….Providence defeated Kell, but lost to South Meck in the regular season….Providence is coached by Justin Hardin, son of Bruce Hardin and brother of Blair Hardin…Bruce all over including Kannapolis and Blair at Morganton, Porter Ridge and now at North Myrtle Beach….Had to get that nickname for you, the Panthers, the Providence Panthers…Game out to be a toss-up, but with NWG’s wide-open offense and they are wide-open due to a great set of skill position players NWG should be a slight favorite in this one…NWG wide-open all season long and no need to change now…Homol to Hennigan, Homol to Henry, Homol to Howard, Homol to Mitchell, it has been working good up to this point…

Page(3-8) at Ardrey Kell(8-3)….Going to be a tough road game for Page, but why not hit the road and win this one on a Harrison Kiser field goal…To me, Kiser might just be the team’s overall best offensive and defensive weapon..On offense with the FG’s and the X-Point kicks and on defense with his punts….Dominick Britt should be able to hit Diondre Overton with some key passes and Leake, along with Gafford give a good one-two power/speed punch from the Pirate RB’s…..

Eastern Guilford(7-4) at Terry Sanford(8-3)…..Eastern Guilford’s toughest opponent right now is their mind….They have to regain the mindset that they can win these BIG games…This point of contention killed down the stretch run of their season…EG could easily be (10-1) or (9-2) and the #2 seed coming out of the Mid-State 3-A Conference….One point loss to Northern and the three-point loss to Western Alamance and that pretty much spells it out…Eastern Guilford is good, very good in fact on the night’s when they play a complete game and these kids need to start believing and keep on believing so they can extend their post-season for a few more weeks…Jarius Morehead is as good as any athlete in the state when he hits that corner and the kid can move and he has to get his teammates believing and moving in the same direction with him…Solid team effort could win this game for EG….

High Point Andrews(5-5) at Monroe(7-4)….From what I was reading earlier in the week, this is a re-match of last year’s State Championship game and for thing is for certain, this 2014 edition of the Red Raiders can run the ball with three RB’s right at the 1,000-yard rushing mark and another on the way….The (5-5) Andrews mark is a little bit deceiving, and you might see Andrews last a couple rounds of this year’s playoffs, if they can get off to a good start tonight….

Southeast Guilford
Southern Guilford
Northern Guilford
Northwest Guilford
Ardrey Kell
Terry Sanford

2)Southern Guilford(11-0)
3)Northern Guilford(10-1)
4)Southeast Guilford(10-1)
5)Northwest Guilford(8-3)
6)High Point Central(8-3)
8)Eastern Guilford(7-4)
9)High Point Andrews(5-5)