There is more to coaching than what you think

The coaches will always tell you that practice time is their time and your time(the players’) time is the game time…

When you look at it very close you will find that the practice time AND the game time have to be the coaches’ time and that is all there is to it and there is more to coaching than what you think and much MORE to the coaching, than what meets the eye….

The coaches in theory hope to have you ready to set foot on the field on Friday night and there hope is that once you get there, you will be ready to play and that the players can control the flow and the outcome of the game….

But that is just not so…..

The coaches can not get it all down in practice and when you get to the game on Friday night, the coaching staff has busted their tails to have you ready and you may have worked your backside off to be put into that ready position, but that is still not enough….

You may have experienced perfect practice sessions all week long, but when the whistle blows and the game begins on Friday night, the coaches’ work has really just begun and before that first kickoff ever hits the air, the coaches’ job is really only half over…

Come game time the coaches can have your squad set up and ready to play as the best unit in the state, but when the battles ensues and you have paid your dues, you still have to be prepared for the coach to continue to pay his due diligence on Friday night and that comes in the form of making adjustments once the game begins….

The best coaches are ready to make adjustment, after adjustment, after adjustment and when they have made what they feel like is their top adjustment in the game, they still have to be ready to do it again, time and time again….

Just having your team ready to play on Friday night is not enough….The game within the game is the game that determines what the outcome of your contest will be, in the final breakdown…

How well did you adjust and what key changes did you make as the game progressed that gave your team the best possible chance to win this game/contest???

Come Friday night, there has been a ton of work done before you get to the field, but once you arrive, put your body into overdrive, because your week is now just getting started….

The adjustments to be made on Friday night, are just as important as the work that goes into getting you ready to play the game….

*****You enter the gate, and after you go through that gate, what you do to get keep your game straight, has a lot to do with your next playing date.*****