Saturday Night Finish:I got a sick feeling coming out of Southern Guilford tonight

Final from C.K. Siler Stadium on Saturday night was Eastern Wayne 56, Southern Guilford 55 in Overtime….The Storm falls and I’ve got to admit I was coming away from there with a sick empty feeling tonight….

You feel like you left something on the table, you left something on the field that you can’t take home you and that is the win….

Got to hate this ending for all of the Storm fans, Coach Brown and his coaching staff, Reggie Gallaspy, Nathan Stoner, JB McCollough, Dalancey Mark, Francisco Lopez, Isaac Parks, Isaiah Burns, Latrell Harvin, Chris Sanders, Darian Peterson, and from what I have on my Southern Guilford roster that is it….Lots of juniors and quite a few sophomores on this team and they will have big bunch of these kids coming back next season….

Southern Guilford really deserved a better fate than what they got tonight, but you have to give credit to Kamone/KK Best…KK/Kamone Best carried his team to the victor’s corner/winner’s circle and that Best kid could make it happen and many times on Saturday night November 29, 2014, this game became a shootout at the C.K. Siler Corral/Stadium…

Southern is up 14-0 and the next thing you know Eastern Wayne is right back in this game and at the half Southern had taken a 22-14 lead….Then SG hit 29 and that must be where SG missed an extra point kick, because Southern was making almost all of those, but I remember the score going from 22 to 29 and then to 35 and if there would not have been a missed kick, we would have seen 36, then 43 and then 50 and SG would have won this game by one point 50-49….

We went to Overtime at 49-49 and just before Eastern Wayne and KK/Kamone Best tied it up at 49-49, it was 49-41 Southern and then the female kicker Cameron Dove hit the onside kick for EW and the Warriors recovered and drove down the field to get the TD and then Best went to Boudy again for the two-point conversion….

I really thought SG was in good/decent shape when they went up 49-41, and there were several times tonight when Southern would go up by two TD’s, but they just could not seem to get the three touchdown advantage on EW…

You had the second half penalties on Southern Guilford and on that one drive they must have got hit for close to 50 yards in penalties, with there being two 15-yarders in there…

You had the one play in the second half where it looked like Best’ knee went down at his own 20-yard line and then he breaks loose and runs 25 yards up field to the 45-yard line for an Eastern Wayne first down…

And then there was the time that the officials called pass interference on Southern Guilford on the pass that was intended for the EW receiver and that was a pass that even Stretch Armstrong couldn’t catch….The pass was uncatchable, but you still have to give Boudy, Malik Richard and the other EW Warriors credit, they continued to drive led by Best….

Then you had the last play of the season for Southern Guilford and the last play of the Storm seniors’ high school careers….Snap back to Reggie Gallaspy in the wildcat formation and the snap is little high and the ball is being fumbled around and some of the officials say Reggie was down and the ball was dead when it was fumbled in the backfield, but Nigel Thomas picked up the loose ball and carried it into the end zone where one official signaled a good two-point conversion and game winning point for Southern Guilford, but the lead official over-ruled the side judge and then the play was blown dead and the white hat official held the ball up in the air to signify that this game was over….

Going to be interesting to see the final stats and numbers on this game and I’m sure Keith Tolbert will have them in tomorrow morning’s News and Record and between Reggie Gallaspy and KK Best, I do believe those young men re-wrote some record books tonight…..

The last play goes a bit haywire and for reasons beyond our control, the season is over for the Southern Guilford Storm and this had to be one of the most exasperating and at the same time one of the most exciting games you will ever witness….

For sure a fans-type game tonight and you had to stay with it, right down to the wire…..This was one of those kind of games that just rips your heart out and I for sure could not keep up with all that was going down, but I sure got got most of it down in my slighted mind and I won’t forget this one for a while….

Our thanks to Southern Guilford athletic director Ron Crawford for hosting us down at Southern over the past several weeks…Coach Crawford was a State Championship wrestling coach over at High Point Andrews a few years back, so he has seen the ups and downs of how sports/athletics can treat you and leave you feeling on a given night…..

The SG Storm have no reason to hang their heads…They had an outstanding season, finishing at (13-1) and the memory of this night will be eating at them for long time to come, but the memory will remain that you were there, you were in the fight and for many that chance/opportunity never comes their way in life…You guys tasted success and this run in 2014 will only leave you hungry for more….Your quest for success is not over, it just getting started, so go take on more challenges and you will eventually bring back what you went looking for….

If you don’t get there soon, you have to know your day is coming somewhere down the road…..

Leaving out of Southern Guilford with an empty feeling tonight, but knowing it won’t be long until we are looking and working to be back on top again….

Good night and that is this evening’s Saturday Night Finish…..

Keep on Running Reggie, right on into Raleigh…..


  1. Just heard last minute online tough game, heard post game and wanted to share this

    Misconceptions on high school football rules

    Uncatchable pass rules out interference. There is no “uncatchable” rule in high school football.

  2. More from Michael Lindsay at the High Point Enterprise and Keith Tolbert had a good write-up today in the News and Record and from the HPE, it sounds like there was some definite confusion among the officials on that last play went Reggie Gallaspy was lined up in the Wildcat and was just one yard away from the end zone…

    Gallaspy closed his career by rushing for 293 yards and six touchdowns, and had covered Southern’s 10 yards in the overtime on two 5-yard carries.

    Then came the decision to run Gallaspy out of the Wildcat.

    After an offside call against the Warriors negated a first attempt that also included a bad snap, the second attempt was almost a replay.

    “It was a bad snap, a bad catch. It was all out of sync,” said Gallaspy, who scored on a 57-yard run on the first play from scrimmage and also tallied on runs of 5,4, 31 and 51 yards.

    The attempt ended in a bit of confusion before the play was ruled down short of the goal line.

    “(Reggie) wasn’t down and he had the ball in front of him and one of our kids picked the ball up,” Southern Guilford Coach Darryl Brown said. “They were blowing the whistle and I thought it might have been an inadvertent whistle. They talked about it. One said he was down and another wasn’t sure. They met and ruled that he was down.”

  3. I just read about the SG game in the paper. It reminds me of the feeling I had when I found out Morgan St got into the FCS playoffs over NC A&T by a crazy tie breaker rule in the MEAC. A&T had a much better record and beat Morgan St 45-0. Good season SG keep your heads up and keep working.

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