Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight Finals for 12/9/14

Scores are rolling in with the following ready for your study….Finals and we will be loading more
Greensboro Day School 66, Cannon School 47
Caldwell 65 Trinity of Durham 63 (OT)
Smith 66, Lee County 57
Faith Assembly 64, Dudley 61
Southwest Guilford 85, High Point Andrews 65
Ragsdale 88, Southeast Guilford 51
Northwest Guilford 71, Southern Alamance 66….NWG boys(5-0)
Page 63, Northern Guilford 44
Eastern Guilford 42, Northeast Guilford 34
Wesleyan 85, New Garden Friends School 23….WES now at (9-0)
(Harry Giles with 26 and Jalen Johnson 24 points)
Bishop McGuinness 65, East Surry 57….Spencer Wilson with 25 points tonight…
High Point Christian 71, GC Heat 27

Smith 66, Lee County 57
Eastern Guilford 56, Northeast Guilford 52
Northern Guilford 66, Page 42
Northwest Guilford 69, Southern Alamance 28…NWG girls now (5-0)
Southeast Guilford 68, Ragsdale 26
Southwest Guilford 60, High Point Andrews 47
WS Reynolds 74, High Point Central 17
Greensboro Day School 61, Cannon 36
Bishop McGuinness 72, East Surry 51
Rockingham County 64, McMichael 26

Totals from Northern Guilford-Page girls….1st Q:NG 15, Page 8…Halftime:27, Page 19…3rd Q:NG 50, Page 28…Final:NG 66, Page 42….
NG scoring:Elissa Cunane 18 points, Kasey Johnson 15, Skylar Shuford 9, Kassie Robakiewicz 7, Sydney Wilson 7, Kelly Lomax 4, Sammi Furlough 3, Lasha Seaton 3, Wompler 2…..
Page scoring:Campbell Kargo 18 points, Bailey Kargo 13, Tiana Sherman 8, Patterson 2, Jillian Heard 1…..

Totals from the Page-Northern Guilford boys…..1st Q:Page 14, NG 13…Halftime Page 27, NG 20…3rd Q:Page 45, NG 32…Final:Page 63, NG 44…
Page scoring:Diondre Overton 23 points, Jalen Seegars 16 points, Tyren Melton 9, Brandon Talton 6, Will Jones 5, David Funderburg 2…
NG scoring:Josh Gibson 15 points, Jarrett Boyd 15, Sam Hildreth 9, Andy Pack 5…..


  1. Yes I was talking to Coach Joyner today and I couldn’t remember if she they were 3-0, 4-0 or who know what….

    Good call…Save us from going back to MaxPreps, but we do need to double-check on WES and see if they are (10-0) or (11-0), I’m thinking (11-0)….

  2. ANDY…..Correction for the above game record… Northwest Guilford girls and boys are 5-0 not 4-0

  3. I found WES to (9-0) and I think Greensboro Day would have gone to (11-0) with a win at Cannon tonight….

    Hope Robert Johnson will let us know something…The WES fans are keeping us up-to-date pretty good so far this year…Got to give it up to the Trojan fans for being on top of that….

  4. Yes Wesleyan boys are 9-0. Next game is Saturday vs. High Point Christian Academy. It is HPCA’s home game but is being held at HPU to accommodate seating. Tickets are presold. No tickets will be sold at the door.

  5. Boys Varsity – Caldwell 65 Trinity of Durham 63 OT John Brewer finished with 18 and hit the game winner as time expired..

  6. It looks like life is very different at Page with Paris gone. I thought one of the Bailey sisters was out for the year with an injury but it appears both are now playing. What am I missing about Page (other than Paris) is gone? Where are all of those Pirate Nation fans? Only one player left and now you all are silent. Northwest is clearly the best team in town. NW girls will win by 20 against anybody in the Metro or their own conference this year. NW did not lose any of their top players to graduation and it is showing.

  7. Page missing Emily Casper right now out with injured shoulder/arm and when they get her back it will help in the experience department…

    You lose a player like a Paris Kea that is a big loss and you don’t replace her overnight…She went to the SEC and has been starting there for Vanderbilt on a pretty regular basis..

    That is a not a big loss that is a huge loss and it will take time to build around that loss…

    The boat will float, they will just have to patch a few holes and while they are doing that, others will thrive and that is how it goes in sports….Can’t be on top forever and that makes it better for the other teams on the way up and the ones that are down get to experience the feeling of what it means to have to battle back and climb that ladder again…

    It is like when the ball gets stuck in the net and you are out there by yourself…

    You used to jump up and knock the stuck ball out of the net and just knock it loose, now as you/I get older, you have to shake the basketball pole to get that ball to come down because when you get older, you can’t jump as high as you used to…

    To sum it all up, you have to keep on finding ways to re-invent yourself…..And we all do before the end/last chapters….

  8. well said Andy. I like the Kargo kids. Very talented young ladies. Very respectable on and off the court. Page is very young right now and they will come around in a couple years. To have a player like Paris is a once in a lifetime opportunity for any coach and to lose her is like u say HUGE.

  9. You are nuts pirate nation if you are suggesting that you were a better team without Paris for those 4 games. So who cared the heavy load last year when Paris was not available. The situation is occurring at SA with Shay gone. At least SA nation understands that Shay was what made that team so successful. Pirate Nation needs to realize that it was Paris that made that function against top competition and not what is left. No school can continue to win year after year without at least 1 great player. Most of these teams have 1 or 2 headline players that carry the load. Shay and Paris carried Page and SA. Other schools have other players that have carried them. So who is carrying Page now “pirate nation”. A 3-3 record suggest that Page does not have a true leader yet.

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