Haeco Invitational Tournament Matchups for Day One and Tourney runs Dec. 26, 27 and 29 at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center(With Brackets)

Day One for the men and women and all games will be played in the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center…..

Friday December 26 Men’s Games:
#3 Smith vs. #6 Northern Guilford 3pm
#2 Northwest Guilford vs. #7 Northeast Guilford 4:30pm
#1 Greensboro Day School vs. #8 Ragsdale 6:30pm
#4 Page vs. #5 Grimsley 8pm
2014 Haeco Girls

Friday December 26 Women’s Games:
#4 Greensboro Day School vs. #5 Northeast Guilford 1:30pm
#1 Northwest Guilford vs. #8 Ragsdale 3pm
#2 Northern Guilford vs. #7 Grimsley 5pm
#3 Page vs. #6 Smith 6:30pm
2014 Haeco Boys


  1. My first inclination was that the GDS girls might be up a little higher with their start this year and with recent showings…They have been climbing, but lost a lot to graduation and to player moves, but the NWG girls should be #1 and after watching the Northern Guilford girls last night vs. Page, NG is playing well and they should battle for the top spot….Page girls are young and with a young team you can never be sure which team will show up on a given night….The next four on the girls it will be hard to say if one of the 5-8 teams can pull off an upset..Seeing improvement from those teams, and with the teams coming back in after a holiday layoff you never know, but I would think girls 1-4 should be safe in Round One, but still you never know, that is why the speculation going into something like this is so interesting….

    On the boys side it will take a near-perfect game to knock off #1 seed Greensboro Day….This tournament seems to be their training ground/proving ground….NWG boys at #2 have shots coming at the top spot, but they must focus on themselves and make sure that they are right and not look ahead toward a final with GDS….Smith is still coming on and the Golden Eagles have been able to pick up the slack after the loss of JJ Watson and they will give several teams a hard time, but I still feel the time factor is so important, that we can’t start looking at all of these other teams in the field, we have to make sure we(each school) is right….We must do what we need to do to be ready and all you can do is lay out what we need to do for Game One on the 26th….Page is better than what you would think even with the loss of Graves and Eaves…Saw them Tuesday night vs. Northern Guilford and you see a lot of Overton on the point and he is doing a good job of helping to run the team….

    It almost seems like one of those things with Overton, that with the increased responsibility, he is playing harder/better and they are getting much more out of him and he is able and willing to things he normally wouldn’t be called on to do and he is doing them well…With him out front it often spreads the floor out and opens up opportunities for other players…At times you might see Overton and Seegars both out there around the wings and that for sure will pull the other team’s big men out in most cases and Overton and Seegars can take them to the hole, unless they play stubborn and sag back and wait and then if Overton goes to basket, help comes over to try and stop him and he can pass off to Seegars or Funderburg or even kick the ball back out to an open Melton or Jones and there you go, you have a multi-faceted attack…

    Was just watching the Page-NG game last night and making those mental notes and did not mean to go overboard on the breakdown, but when you start talking basketball or sports, those kind of things happen….

    Grimsley-Page in Round One ought to be a good way to close out the day on that Friday….

    Grimsley might be ready to make a run, they are flying under the radar right now at (5-0) and Coach Thomas Griffis told me yesterday that he likes it down there….

    Page still might make a run and there is no lock on #1 GDS and #2 NWG in the final….Although I think there is a very good chance that GDS will be there come Monday December 29….

    A look at 1-5 and with 6,7, and 8 they are going to have to get some real good guard play to have a chance to be in this thing…I just feel you need good guard play and leadership out front and on the wings to be able to have a chance to win something like this…

    Sleepy guards could kill you on Day One and you have to be able to have somebody that can run that show out front because it is all about survive and advance in Round One and you just have to get off to a good start and if you get down, you have to have guards that can hit those outside shots to bring you back including guards that can nail the threes and nail them in succession, one after another and not one here and then one there, with 5-6 misses in between…

    The first 2 1/2-3 minutes of your first game will set the tone for your entire tournament….The coach is just praying that his kids are ready and that they remember all that he told them prior to taking the floor and if they mess up, how quick can they correct it and get things back in order….

    It will be a grind, but the start of your game will determine who you will be and where you will be for the rest of the week/tournament….Got to be able to move the ball, recognize the given situation and play defense until you are red, not blue in the face….

    Just a thought or two and now I will go find some place to fly under the radar…..

  2. What are the potential upsets or lower seeded team chances? Who are the players to watch? All I am reading is how great the NW boys and girls are with undefeated records and how no one will stop the GDS boys. There must be other potential teams in both brackets and players that can make a difference. The Page boys still have talent and could make a run. NG girls have played NW twice and it is hard to beat a team 3 times in any season.

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