High School Basketball Tonight, when Thursday becomes Friday

Several games going on tonight and it is almost like Thursday night has become Friday night and to some’s delight, but try as you might, no need to lose sight, we’ll get it right and here is what is in flight for tonight…For most they hope the ball is in flight and headed right down through the net and here is what you will get for this Thursday…

Western Guilford at Northwest Guilford 6pm…Both the NWG girls and boys are out of the blocks/traps at (5-0)….
Rockingham County at Northeast Guilford 6pm….Wins for both Rams’ teams???
High Point Central at Asheboro 6pm…HPC boys are at (1-4) and played A’boro earlier and I think it was a two-point game, Blue Comets way…
High Point Andrews at Eastern Randolph 6pm….Andrews and Central out to catch a combo-bus, with both High Point teams headed to Randolph County tonight and the Andrews boys have had a rough start, but the Andrews girls are still doing fine with Destiny Timberlake leading their charge…
WS Reagan at Glenn…One game with Girls Only and Glenn girls are at (5-1) under Coach Melvin Heggie, the former Dudley assistant….


  1. The Rockingham girls have 2 new players that can really play well. The top player at Reidsville last year is now at Rockingham so I would expect Northeast to lose the girls game.

  2. The NW girls think that they are the best team in the area but don’t discount how much better the Glenn girls are this year. They have several new girls and they can run and play big this year. I think Glenn will beat NW this year and win the conference.

  3. One of the girls at Rockingham used to be over at Northern, but she was at Rockingham last year and I know that kid can play…

  4. Glenn will compete with Swest for 2nd this year. We’re too young(2 seniors 4 soph 5 fresh.) Nwest looks to be the best in the conference. But it’s a long season so we’ll see.

  5. Having just seen the NWG girls play, not sure any conference team will come within 20 points.

  6. GLENN beat Western Forsyth by 2 points a few weeks ago, NWG destroyed WEST FORSYTH in a jamboree at the beginning of the year, while playing starters very few minutes, Nice try but… think again. NWG Will have NO problems with Glenn

  7. The kid that went from NG to RC had a younger brother too and she was wearing a Nighthawks jacket the day I met her family and whatever her past, she was a good one, but the family needed to move and sometimes you have to just keep on rolling…

  8. I guess that is the final answer. The Northwest Girls cannot be beat and all title TIMCO, conference champs and a semi finals or state championship should be given to that team now. Just tell Glenn to forget about any title hopes and all of the TIMCO teams should just not show up because it will be all 20 pt blowouts. Good job NW and we will see you next year. I am assuming all of these comments are from the very confident parents of NW.

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