Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight Finals for 12/12/14

We are just getting warmed up, the games have begun and now they are over and time to find out who won tonight….Page vs. WS Reagan was postponed…..
Boys Finals:
Greensboro Day School 83, Raleigh Ravenscroft 41…GDS(12-0)
Southwest Guilford 82, Grismley 66…SWG(7-0)/Grimsley(5-1)…Kaymon Mitchell SWG with 27 points, John Puryear Grismley with 27 points…
Smith 92, Bartlett-Yancey 69
Northern Guilford 58, Western Alamance 49
McMichael 74, Eastern Guilford 64….
EG scoring with Quayson Williams at 19 points, Terrell Pickett with 12 points and 12 rebounds, Tre McLean 10, Kyree Lundy with 8, Montez Venable with 7, Jaylen Evans with 4 and Chandler Spencer and Maurice Brown 2 each…MAC scoring with Da’Kyrian Brown with 26 points, Darian Lowe 18, Dre Moore with 13, Peyton Clark with 10 and Raekwon Mayo with 8….
End of 1st Q:McMichael 22, EG 17…Halftime:EG 38, McMichael 34…End of 3rd Q:EG 48, McMichael 48…
Southwestern Randolph 66, Southern Guilford 55
High Point Christian Academy 75, Wake Christian 57
Bishop McGuinness 55, Walkertown 33
Ragsdale 75, Southeast Guilford 26….RAG(5-2)/SEG(0-7)
Southern Alamance 75, Burlington Cummings 70

Girls Finals:
Southeast Guilford 67, Ragsdale 27…SEG(7-1)/RAG(2-5)
Northern Guilford 66, Western Alamance 24
Eastern Guilford 55, McMichael 33
Southwest Guilford 64, Grimsley 34
Greensboro Day School 61, Ravenscroft 49….GDS now (11-1)
Southwestern Randolph 61, Southern Guilford 21
Bishop McGuinness 66, Walkertown 24
Rockingham County 72, Morehead 37


  1. GDS score was actually 63-41. I wasn’t there but was told they were up over 30 points in the second half. I think this is the same team that lost to Wesleyan by 6. They supposedly held Ravenscroft to 13 points in the 1st half. That would be two of the best teams in the state they have held to 13 points in the 1st half in two weeks. They do a better job of preparing and scouting than anyone in the area.

    On another note was impressed with the 1st half Grimsley played last night against SW. Should be a good game between them and Page. SW is good. Have multiple scorers and they play really hard.

  2. Page guys went from one of the top teams in the state to average…tough to overcome losing Eaves and Graves. Hopefully they’ll get it together

  3. I don’t think Page appreciated Eaves enough for what he brought to the game and Page should have played a higher level schedule to keep guys like Eaves and Graves. The public schools continue to lose players these because of budget issues and too many restrictions put on programs/coaches. The public schools are only playing 2-3 games per year considered “high level” but the private schools are playing 12-15 per year. Good players want the best competition they can get.

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