In Conversation with Coach Johnny Roscoe(Northern Guilford High School)

Busy day prior to the Championship Game coming up on Saturday night in Raleigh, but caught up with Coach Roscoe today and had a few questions for him and it went like this….

On C.J. Freeman’s availability for Saturday night…..The Nighthawk runningback must follow the Concussion-Testing protocol and there will be tests that he must pass on the day of the game/prior to the game on Saturday night, before he will be approved to play…..GAME TIME DECISION on Freeman being in the lineup for Saturday’s 3-AA Championship Game….

On the game time…..Does it matter early, say 12 NOON or late, say the set time for 8:05 Saturday night??? Does not mater…Look at the past Championships that were won by Northern:
First Title in 2010:Game time vs. Crest 8pm in Raleigh(Saturday night)

Second Title in 2011:Game time vs. Crest 7:30pm in Chapel Hill(Friday night)

Third Title in 2012:Game time vs. Charlotte Catholic 8pm in Winston-Salem(Saturday night)
+++++Waiting around during the day of the game, might be positive factor for Northern Guilford, maybe more time to get ready/prepare.+++++

If Freeman could not go on Saturday night…..We would see more of Nick Fryer and Daniel Kelly as key ball carriers at the runningback spots and quarterback Cam Harris would need to step up as well, as he might be pressed into more duty as a runner for the Nighthawks….

*****We will share more items from our conversation with Coach Roscoe during our broadcast of the game, here at the site, on Saturday night…..*****