Looking back at the Numbers from the Tuesday night games:Forever Young with 42 points leading the way today…

We will keep the boys number at 20 and the girls at 15 points and drop in some honorable mentions as they apply….We will also look for some of those assist and rebound numbers and have any that we can list from the Tuesday night games send them our way and let us know the source for the stats, not good to post numbers coming in out of the air, but with basketball more times than not, air is a necessity….

Boys numbers from Tuesday night with the 20-point mark being our starting point….
42:Carrington Young(Southern Alamance)
25:De’Shaun Taylor(Western Guilford)
26:Dakyrian Brown(McMichael)
25:Jeremiah Phifer(Morehead)
24:Skylar McGee(Ledford)
22:Brandon Lambert(Northeast Guilford)
22:Quayson Williams(Eastern Guilford)…We had Quayson listed at both 29 and 22 points from Tuesday, and he couldn’t have done both, but will list both for now and find out later which total stands for him…Good idea?[Going with the 22]….Also with 8 rebounds and 7 assists
21:C. Newby(Eastern Randolph)
20:Reggie Davis(Northwest Guilford)….Davis also added 12 rebounds to his evening’s totals….
TJ Parker from Ragsdale with 15 points and 11 rebounds for the Tigers….
Thomas Hennigan with 14 points and 10 rebounds for Northwest Guilford, plus Tre Turner had 11 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists for NWG…
*****Of note, with Southwest Guilford Cowboys with four players in double-digit scoring with Kameron Langley 19, Kaymon Mitchell 15, KJ Langley 12 and Orlando Smith 10 points.*****

Girls numbers from Tuesday night and we begin with 13 points and move forward in that direction…..
28:Ariel Shears(Eastern Guilford)
20:Carter Hussey(Burlington Williams)
19:Morgan Pointer(Northwest Guilford)
18:LeeAysia Williamson(Eastern Guilford)
17:Lashonda Monk(Southwest Guilford)
15:Lauren Carter(Southwest Guilford)
14:Katie Lewis(Southeast Guilford)
14:Jenna Haugle(Southern Alamance)
14:Dinah Neal(Northeast Guilford)
14:Sydney Wilson(Northern Guilford)
*****Eastern Guilford girls now at (5-1) on the season.*****

*****This is what we have for now and if any of the coaches or stats people can send us more, we will be ready to add in….*****


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