Friday Night Finish:They said I was Crazy!!!(Page, Dudley and Ragsdale boys all Winners on the road)

*****Adding in these boys road Finals to “The Friday Night Finish”:Page 73, Durham Riverside 65…Dudley 56, Reidsville 37…Ragsdale 64, Roxboro Person 60…*****
+++++Jalen Seegars with 30 points for Page boys on Friday night at Durham Riverside.+++++
Some good games tonight and I just got this score in with Eastern Guilford boys 66, Northern Guilford 50 and that is a final…If you have more send them my way while I am typing and I will add them in….If you have any news, I can use that too….Got to make this “Friday Night Finish” mean something….
(Eastern Guilford scoring rolling in with Quayson Williams at 30 points, Terrell Pickett and Tre McLean 11 a-piece and Montez Venable had 8, while Khyree Lundy added 6 points)….Northern Guilford scorers:Jarrett Boyd 13, Tre Marsh 10(Tre Marsh, where did that guy come from? The Northern Guilford football team of all places pal.), Josh Gibson 7, Jack Emerick 6, Matt Graham 5, Sam Hildreth 4, Andy Pack 3 and Kaleel Cathcart 2 points for the Nighthawks……

There was some people saying that I was crazy when I was putting it out there that the Dudley-Greensboro Day School girls game at the Novant Health Systems Invitational would be a good one….

Turns out I was not crazy and this ended up being a pretty darn good game with Dudley escaping with the win 59-51….Greensboro Day was way on down, but the Bengals came roaring back in this one behind Tamera Thorpe and team….

Dudley has some talented young ladies and Coach Frank McNeil is an excellent young coach, but I just had the feeling that GDS could give them a game and sounds like the finish was a real good over in the auxilliary gym at Northwest Guilford High School….

I did not see this game, but I was hearing the scores coming into the main gym at NWG and Joe Moore had the final score for us as we were wrapping up our Northwest Guilford-Bartlett Yancey men’s game….

Bartlett Yancey had a woman coaching the men’s/boy’s team and how common is that??? The lady’s name was Melissa Teets and this made for what I guess is a very unique situation….We have had men coaching the girls for years and now we have women coaching the boys….Just an observation and it may not mean anything at all and probably doesn’t, but what I am saying is you just don’t see it/this every day…

Who was the legendary boy’s coach at Bartlett Yancey for all of those years??? Wasn’t his name Lindsay Page? And I believe he coached the boys for about 30-40 years including during the days of Sleepy Taylor and then coach Page turned right around and coached the girls up their in Yanceyville for about 10-15 years….

The Page girls, now (4-4) must have got beaten by a pretty good Durham Riverside team tonight….Riverside, after the win, now at (8-0) on the season….The Southwest Guilford boys go to (9-0) after a hard-earned win over Alpharetta, Georgia in Overtime….The SWG boys have some very good guards in K.J. Langley, Ben Ferguson, Orlando Smith and Kameron Langley….This Cowboy team can run with those guards in tow…

NWG can play guard ball too, with two of the best around in Jalen Spicer and Jalen Gore….Those two kids live in the attack mode and when you add the scoring off Sam Covington(15 first half points tonight), along with the work of Tre Turner and Kevin Henry, you really do have some on-guard and off-guard skills on display when the Vikings take the floor and it does not stop with the boys, it shines through with the girls and their guards too…Hayley Barber, Toni Tucker, Savannah Neas, Catherine Moore, Leah Wallace the little Gauldin girl too…The NWG girls can take you out of your game and then they will yours theirs….Can they uphold the #1 Seed that they will be taking into the Haeco Tournament next week??? We will soon find out and the NWG girls and now the boys too, are teams that will not sneak up anyone now….No shockers, no surprises, nothing that will catch you off- guard, both Viking teams are very good and they will be two of the main teams to beat next week at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center….NWG girls Haeco #1 Seed and the NWG boys Haeco #2 Seed and if they both don’t make the finals, there will be major disappointment in NWG Viking Land….Expectations are high and it is almost time to see if those dreams do come true……

Now what were we dealing out on the GreensboroSports Radio back out a the Northwest Guilford Shootout???

Greensboro Day School boys now at (15-0), Northwest Guilford boys at (9-0), Southwest Guilford boys now at (9-0), the Wesleyan boys are (11-0) and the Northwest Guilford girls are (9-0)….Other than the New Hope Christian Academy girls at (15-0), the NWG girls are the only unbeaten team around here, right?????

How about all of those key guards around here??? Langleys, Gore, Spicer, Barber, Tucker, Neas, Moore, Turner, Henry and I saw another Moore tonight, as in Darius Moore from the Greensboro Day School…Moore, Trevor Mayo, Pearce Landry, who else do they playing guard out there on Lawndale Drive??? Spencer Pulliam has graduated, but he has returned as an assistant coach….

Greensboro and Guilford County can not let their guard/guards down….

This is a guard oriented territory and I found one of my favorite guards from last year today and he is over at New Hope Christian Academy playing for Mike Shaw and that is the former Dudley Panther, BeeJay Pittman….The Pittman is over there at New Hope with Lacy Gathings(Tracy’s Brother) and Jaqwann McCauley….

Guards all over this local/area basketball map…….

Give me some more to work with…..You John Puryear over at Grimsley, you got Diondre Overton now playing point guard for Page and how about one of the most unheralded guards of all, Quayson Williams at Eastern Guilford…Quayson can play with all of the above that we have mentioned here already tonight….The “Q” can help carry that Eastern Guilford Wildcat club, but in reality he can’t do it by himself…He needs help and they all do….Langley, Spicer, Gore, Barber, Thorpe, Williams, Puryear, Overton, like I was telling friend, they all need some help out there…The closest thing that I have seen to one man/woman show was when Paris Kea, Shay Burnett and maybe a Sam Hunt used to take over the show and even then they could only go for so long, trying to take over and be the game….The juice always runs out sometime……(Even your man LBJ.)

I am about to run out of here myself on this Friday night and I will be looking for items to add to “The Friday Night Finish”……..


  1. Jock, ur ummmmmm, I mean Andy, ya caught me off guard with somethin’ in this post! South West Guilford playing Alpharetta, GA? How long this been goin’ on now? I mean, been gone from NC for seven plus years now, but such never happened when I lived there, or at least, I never knew ’bout it, LOL! Oh and yes this is Josh Owens, Lee’s son. Remember me?

    Romans 11:33-36 KJB


  2. Yes sir Josh, you are/were in the “Off the Wall Sportscall Hall of Fame” with Bruce, Doug, Franklin, Ryan, Woody S., Ed Ross, Ed Craddock, Kathleen Sams and all of the others from back in the late 80’s/early 90’s….

    First time I remember SWG-Alpharetta, GA, but with all of the travel today, you just never know…

    Again, good to hear from you…We heard from Ryan Perdue on here a few years ago….

    Keep up the good work, Josh…..

  3. Most girls game are not worth the ticket but that Dudley and GDS game was worth it tonight. Too bad we can’t get games like this on a regular basis in this area. The stands were packed and there were people standing everywhere. Dudley and GDS seem to just being out the best in each other and the teams that they play. The fans and players made it a good night.

  4. “Great game to watch”, too bad, Dudley doesn’t play in the little 4, so we might see a Dudley-GDS game…

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