Mission Statement for Josh Williams and ‘Janesh’ with FREE Football Seminar coming in February

A letter from Josh Williams (Janesh),

Hope all is well. I am writing you all just to show a little about the culture of Janesh and what we are planning. We have a couple goals with the work that we do for the community. 1. We are here to bridge the gap of understanding between college coaches and the athletes that they want to recruit. The Triad has way too many athletes for colleges to over look us. I want to bring this area the recruiting recognition that I see it has the potential to have. I know about 6 seniors that should have D1 offers. Jamiel Mack, Darius Graves. There are others. But I hate how things are moving along. We have dedicated our work to bring structure to this process. To assist this area to its potential. 2. I would like to take the pressure away from the shoulders of high school coaches. Their #1 focus should be preparing their team to win games. Their lives do depend on just that. I think secondly, they have a helping hand in the recruiting process but it is not their job to to put guys into college. Recruiting is a full time job and I feel that parents are very capable of seeing this process through with a little assistance. I have seen a few dads and moms spearhead this process and come out successful. I have also seen a few that have approached this process and failed. The one thing I see consistent with the successes, is truth, facts, relationship, dialogue. These parents have information and like we all know, knowledge is power. We want to be here to decipher the foreign language of recruiting. Make it plane and simple for the parents and athletes.

I have analyzed this recruiting process. I still have a lot more to learn but I do know that there are people that have the information needed to fully understand this process. For example, how many parents know that you need to be regulating your child’s social media accounts? Did you know coaches use these things as character judgment criteria?

“Twitter is a great “character-reference” for recruits. It’s a part of your resume. Your tweets and retweets can cost you. #YouAreWhatYouTweet”
~ Coach Mario Price WR Coach at the University of Louisiana-Monroe

We need knowledge like this. Things like our Recruiting Seminar, I think will change the game of recruiting for us all. Bringing in 2 maybe 3 college coaches (We are close to being able to disclose who will be attending) into one room to address the unknowns of recruiting. They will address and describe the kids that they tend to go after. Information. It’s golden. My hope is to make you all students of this process. Even myself. I will have my pad and pen to take notes. I am giving the power to the parents and athletes to make it happen. Take action in your recruiting process, don’t be passive. That’s the goal of Janesh. This seminar will be free. We just want as many people here as possible. We want to be a blessing to the community.
Guilford College, February 13th at 7:00pm

The seminar will be a structured version of this interview with Winston Salem State’s Recruiting Coordinator, Coach Richardson.

We just hope to be a blessing. Our website will be coming soon.

– Josh W.
Janesh:”The Triad’s Next Level Consultant”