“Don’t much make me MAD, but that makes me MAD!!!”:Carolina Panthers on ESPN today(Listen on ROCK 92FM)

*****Carolina Panthers on ROCK 92 Today locally and that is it…Hard tell who has it, but it is ROCK 92 and they have Panthers, 94.4/94.5 has the Tar Heels and Duke is some place in there, but there is NO constant…I set the tone for sports in this town and I’m going tone-deaf and blind in the same sequence….ROCK 92 TODAY for the Panthers…*****

Was really looking forward to watching the Carolina Panthers NFL Round One playoff game on FOX, or on CBS today, but got the final word this morning, The Game is On ESPN….

An old saying I loved from years ago and it might have been an old-timer from down the road that said this, or it might have come from a movie, but the saying really fits how I feel today:

“Don’t much make me mad, but that makes me mad”…….

Had my time and day planned/mapped out….Panthers vs. Arizona Cardinals at 4:25 and then go get a workout in during halftime…Road work at the half and there will still be enough daylight to get that workout in and I will still get that workout in, but NO viewing of the Panthers today at all…

So what you gonna do, sit around and stew, NO and there will be cussing here, but that option has entered my mind…

What you gonna do?????

ROCK 92FM and Carolina Panthers radio, here we come….

ESPN continues to try and hold the sports fans hostage, when they ABC TV they could be showing this game on….

ESPN, not going to bow down to you guys, I am better and stronger than that…..

4:25 today:ROCK 92FM and Panthers radio, here we come….
(Mick Mixon, Eugene Robinson and Jim Zsoke you will have to be “The Men” today.)


  1. THE PLAN:
    Jog over to the Speakeasy Tavern
    Watch and relax to the half
    Play some video golf and shoot some pool
    Order some steamed shrimp and watch the second half
    Jog to Thelma Lou’s to watch some TV
    Go home and take a nap

  2. If you can get all of that done, that is a good plan…Helen Crump called and said she heard that ESPN and ABC dropped the ball on this one and that the game would be on ROCK 92FM….

    What’s a football fan to do? Just sit there and stew?

    As for me and for you(and maybe Thelma Lou too) it’s over to ROCK 92 with updates on the web coming through to boot….

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