Kenny Beck (WXII) Moves From Sports To News Desk

WXII’s Kenny Beck moved from the Sports Desk to the News Anchor Desk (mornings) effective today. Nicole Ducouer moves to nights as Wanda Starke reduces her roll on air.

No confirmed word (yet) how WXII fills the hole in sports.


  1. It seems like the sports desk is the forgotten kid these days. I remember in years past the sports desk person would be that person for 15 or 20 years but today it seems like everyone tries to rotate into the news desk area. I would assume sites such as this, tweeter, and the quick access of information from the internet has eliminated the need for most to stay up long enough to care about the trialing sport report. I think if these news sports would invest more time in covering local stories & games with video, story development and onsite reporting, then they would have a greater following.

  2. I’m pretty sure K. Beck was doing news at Channel 12 before he came over to sports and now back to news…News and weather seem to be the drivers on the local stations and WXII has another weekend sport guy that I have seen and I think his name is “Primetime” Chris Lea….

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