Looking at the Scoring/numbers lists from last night’s high school basketball games

Boys at 20 and girls at 15 points as we start out and if we need to add more or do the drop-down, we will….Boys 20 and more, girls 15 and more…
(We hope to find some other numbers to add to the scoring totals.)

35:Harry Giles(Wesleyan)
31:Skylar McGee(Ledford)
30:Jalen Gore(Northwest Guilford)
29:Aaron Simpson(Smith)
26:Jalen Seegars(Page)
24:Brion Seagraves(Dudley)
23:Matt Graham(Northern Guilford)
22:Aaron Wiggins(Grimsley)
22:Jalen Burnette(Southern Alamance)
21:Quayson Williams(Eastern Guilford)
20:Jared Talley(Vandalia Christian)
20:Michal Seals(High Point Christian)

*****Chris Denning with 12 rebounds/15 points for Southern Guilford and Josh McGee with 12 rebounds/5 assists for Bishop McGuinness*****

31:Dinah Neal(Northeast Guilford)
28:Sydney Wilson(Northern Guilford)
26:Danielle Nieters(Bishop McGuinness)
22:Elissa Cunane(Northern Guilford)
16:Bailey Kargo(Page)
16:Alex Putman(Bishop McGuinness)
16:Tessa Johnson(Bishop McGuinness)
15:Campbell Kargo(Page)

*****Morgan Pointer with 14 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists for Northwest Guilford, Sydney Wilson with 8 assists and Elissa Cunane with 12 rebouns for Northern Guilford, Nokomis Williams with 11 rebounds 14 points for Southern Guilford, Peyton Kadlecek with 15 rebounds and 12 points for Caldwell Academy….*****

+++++More to follow as we receive it and do we have votes to lower the numbers and bring boys in at 15 and girls in at 10?????..Sort of makes it a little more selective when you set the numbers a bit higher……+++++