Karl Hess has been Ejected and he no longer will call/officiate ACC Basketball Games

Here is the call, Karl Hess will no longer call/officiate ACC Basketball games….He has been ousted and his ACC basketball officiating career is over….Find out why when you CLICK HERE

I used to ride the bus to school each day with Karl back when we were kids, and Karl was always a professional back in the day and carried a brief case with him to school every day….Excellent college basketball player and one of the best point guards that you will ever see play the game…He and Ed Vickers(from N.C. A&T) won a title back in their day at Liberty University…Greg Branch, from N.C. A&T was there with them too and both Vickers and Branch played under Warren Reynolds at Liberty and later Reynolds was an assistant coach at Liberty, when Harley “Skeeter” Swift was head coach at LU….Karl Hess played for Dan Manley, Skeeter Swift and for Dale Gibson while at Liberty U…..Skeeter Swift was a former ABA basketball player and we used to see him here in town(Greensboro) going up against our Carolina Cougars…Lots of basketball in this web…

Always thought of Karl as one of the best(basketball refs/officials), and he probably still is, but he made a mistake and now the ACC will make him pay….