Guilford Wildlife Club hoping/trying to stay afloat on Lake Jeanette

Update on Guilford Wildlife Club trying to stay afloat on Lake Jeanette:

The Lake Jeanette Homeowners Association President is asking the Guilford Wildlife Club to raise its fees to $150.

Despite the fact that this results in doubling the fees for its Senior Citizen members, the Wildlife Club has agreed. The Lake Jeanette Homeowners Association President is also raising the lake usage fee to $36,000 per year, quadruple what GWC paid last year.

With a cap placed on membership by the Lake Jeanette Homeowners Association, this creates an impossible situation for the Wildlife Club. The Guilford Wildlife Club has recently elected a new president and several new board members and its membership voted unanimously to fight to save the club.

If the Lake Jeanette Homeowners Association is successful in its effort to run the Guilford Wildlife Club off Lake Jeanette it would truly be a sad end to a local institution that has called Lake Jeanette home since the Cone brothers invited them there in 1940 when the lake was built….

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  1. Do the residents out there know what their board and new management company is doing? I doubt it.

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