Game Report w/Photos: Boys Basketball – Northwest Guilford at Southwest Guilford

The Cowboys played hosts for tonight’s matchup against the Vikings of Northwest Guilford. Both teams come into tonight’s bout unbeaten in Conference play, and were looking to maintain sole possession of first place.

From the tip this was a dog fight. Northwest quickly got ahead 3-0, and then the teams traded baskets and the lead with Southwest gaining the largest lead of the game at the time at 12-7 at the 3:35 mark. Again the teams traded baskets until a 10-1 run by the Vikings to end the frame pushed the #6 ranked visitors ahead 25-17.

The second quarter opened with a Cowboys basket, but once again went cold from the field, and by the 6:28 mark Northwest pushed their lead to 32-19. Southwest slowly lassoed the Vikings within reach by the 4:42 mark at 35-29. The fight didn’t stop their. For the second time in as many games this week, the Cowboys celebrated a 1,000 point mark with an important 3 pointer. This one belonging to Ben Ferguson, whose 1,000th point cut the game to 45-43 with 1:52 to go in the half. Northwest outscored the Cowboys from the free-throw line to close out the half taking it to 48-47.

The second half opened with a Southwest score to take their first lead since late in the first quarter at 49-48, But it was short lived as Northwest responded on the ensuing possession.The teams traded baskets the entire frame until a late 5-0 run by the Vikings again gave them the lead at 72-67 going into the final quarter.

The last 8 minutes were action packed, as the Cowboys opened the frame with a 7-0 run to regain the lead at 74-72 at the 6:50 mark. Northwest tied the ball game on the next possession but back to back 3 balls by the Cowboys gave the Cowboys an 80-74 lead at the 5:10 mark that seemed to seize control of the game. The teams traded some baskets and with just under 2 minutes to play the Cowboys were up 87-79. Northwest began fouling, and it started to work. Poor free throw shooting at the end of the game made the final minute very intense. The lead got up to 9, but again missing free throws on the Cowboys part gave life for the Vikings. With only 3.9 seconds remaining, Southwest allowed the Vikings to get it all the way to 96-93, but the Cowboys were able to hold on and defend their homecourt and remain unbeaten in conference play winning 96-93.

Northwest was led by Jalen Gore with 23. Southwest was led by KJ Langley who took over in the second half with 31, 3 Rebs, 2 Asts, 2 Stls, and Kameron Langley with 21, 8 Rebs, 6 Asts, 2 Blks, 2 Stls, and Jace Yeoman with 16 huge points off the bench, 5 Rebs. Kaymon Mitchell also chipped in with 12, and 9 Rebs.

             1st  2nd  3rd  4th  Final
Northwest    25   23   24   21    93
Southwest    17   30   20   29    96

Northwest (16-2, 3-1)
Jalen Spicer 23
Tre Turner 9
Kevin Henry 12
Scam Covington 18
Jalen Gore 23
Thomas Hennigan 6
Reggie Davis 9

Southwest (15-4, 5-0)
Jace Yeoman 16
KJ Langley 31
Ben Ferguson 9, 6 Rebs, 2 Asts
Orlando Smith 7, 2 Rebs
Kam Langley 21
Kaymon Mitchell 12

Submitted by Greg Vlazny

–Northwest Guilford was unable to overcome a great effort by the Southwest Cowboys in a fiercely contested Piedmont-Triad 4A conference game. The Cowboys took control of the game in the fourth quarter and held off the Vikings with a 96-93 victory. Northwest held an early led in the 1st quarter and were up 34-20 at one point in the 2nd quarter. Southwest chipped away and executed their press break with great success to claw back into the ballgame by the half and cut the Vikings lead to a single point at 48-47.
–The Vikings were led by Jaylen Gore who finished with 23 points. Sam Covington and Jalen Spicer contributed 18 and 16 points respectively. Kevin Henry provided a huge spark off the bench with 12 points and 7 rebounds for Northwest. The Vikings got contributions from Reggie Davis and Tre Turner who both added 9 points apiece.
–KJ Langley led the Cowboys with 31 points while Kameron Langley scored 21 points for Southwest. Jace Yeoman made 4 crucial 3-point baskets off the bench as he added 16 points.

SOUTHWEST GUILFORD 14-4; 4-0: KJ Langley 31; Kameron Langley 21; Jace Yeoman 16; Kayman Mitchell 12; Ben Ferguson 9; Orlando Smith 7

NORTHWEST GUILFORD 16-2; 3-1: Jaylen Gore 23; Sam Covington 18; Jalen Spicer 16; Kevin Henry 12; Tre Turner 9; Reggie Davis 9; Thomas Henningan 6

Submitted by: Northwest Coaching Staff

Photos by Andy Gore. Click any picture for larger image or to see slide show.
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  1. REALLY neither report mentions how this game was plagued with fouls! How horrible the refs were! Good game NW and SW but you guys deserved better tonight! This game was too important!

  2. Agree with REALLY. An absolutely great game with kids really going after it. SW deserved to win, they handled NW’s pressure well most of the time, and had some great 3 point shooting, especially in the 2nd half. But there were too many fouls called. I’m sure the refs were trying to keep the game under control, but they (the refs) got out of hand. Not in favor of either side,just too many fouls. Took away from some great action.

  3. A GREAT GAME W/TOOOOO MANY FOULS!!! Both teams played as hard as they could. Can’t wait for the rematch!!

  4. I really wish I coulda made it out to this game. The Game was in the 90s offensively??

    Have a happy new year!


  5. Dickie, part of the reason for the high scoring was the inordinate number of fouls called, coupled with pretty good FT shooting by both teams. As you know, those FT’s result in points scored with the clock not moving. It wasn’t because of a lack of effort on D. Also, both teams were exerting pressure to try to create turnovers, and there were some “easy” buckets also as a result if the pressure was broken. SW made a bunch of 3’s.

  6. NWGHS fan,

    Thank you for your report on why the game was inflated offensively. It makes plenty of sense. Sounds like we have some refs who want the fans to know whose in control. I bet you anything the short, african american, stocky bald ref with the high pitched voice was reffing then. That little guy has little mans syndrome and really likes to blow that thing. He really calls what he sees : )

  7. Dickie,
    Can’t blame this one on the refs; Langley bros just too much. Legend has it Kam once scored 20 second half points after going scoreless in the first half. KMS did manage to win that game; but that’s besides the point. I do believe the Cowboys (much like the NFL team) will be defeated come playoffs.

  8. The focus really does need to be on players….If everybody spends all of their talking talking about the refs and does not give the players their due, we are doing the kids a disservice…

    One of the best games you will see this season at SWG last night and can not say enough about the effort from the players from both of the teams, both SWG and NWG…

    K.J. Langley for sure left his footprint in SWG Cowboy history on that court last night….

  9. Great game…the Langley’s vs Gore and Spicer!! KJ was definitely the difference in the 2nd half. Jane was unbelievable also!!

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