The Freshman Year with RGII/Reggie Gallaspy II(Southern Guilford HS) at N.C. State

*****The N.C. State Wolfpack crew at follows the journey of new N.C. State runningback Reggie Gallaspy from Southern Guilford High School, in Greensboro, N.C. Good post from the Pack and there’s no looking back, Reggie is on the attack and he hopes to crack the Pack lineup next Fall….*****


RALEIGH, N.C. – Reggie Gallaspy II is one of seven new Wolfpack players who graduated from high school early and enrolled at NC State for the spring semester. The youngest of four children, Gallaspy was born in Flint, Michigan and moved to North Carolina when he was in fourth grade.

Throughout 2015, #RGII will share his journey as he makes the transition from rookie to veteran.

Getting Started
Well I’ve been here around two weeks and so far, everything has been real good. The hardest thing to get used to has been the weightlifting so far. School has been pretty good, but it’s been a minute since I weightlifted, so getting back into that has been tough. The first week was really killing me.

I’ve never had a schedule this tight, but I’ve gotten adjusted to it real quick. The second or third day, everything started flowing.

The best thing about being in college is meeting new people. Interacting with new people and different interest groups. Being out in the community, being able to socialize, have fun and just be independent. Just learning how to be a man.

Missing Home
I live an hour and 30 minutes away, so I can go home if I feel the need. I actually went home this morning to an orthodontist appointment. My mom and I communicate pretty much all day – we text and try to talk to each other every night when I have free time just to see where we’re both at. It’s been a little bit harder for her….

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