The Ragsdale Report on Swimming, Basketball, Wrestling, plus Track and Field

*****Courtesy of Ragsdale Athletics Director Brian Herndon*****


Ragsdale’s Swim team members will be competing in today’s State Regionals held at the Greensboro Aquatic Center. Below is a list of Tiger Swimmers competing today, along with the event they’ll be swimming. Start time at the GAG is 4:00 PM.

· Also, big wins for both Men’s and Women’s Basketball last night over High Point Central. Once again, an excellent environment and a great student section here last night.

· Big days ahead for Tiger Wrestling, as the Ragsdale Wrestling program will be well represented in State Individual Competition

· One week from today, our Indoor Track program heads to the JDL Fast Track in Winston-Salem in pursuit of a State Championship.

· Please click on links at the bottom of the page for recent pictures at Ragsdale Athletics Events.

Ragsdale Swimmers Competing In State Regionals today @ the Greensboro Aquatic Center
Men’s 200 IM:
Yahi, Anis: 2:08.20
Men’s 50 Freestyle:
McGugan, Henry: 21.98
Ennis, Jake: 22.32
Walker, Jakob: 23.73
Men’s 100 Butterfly:
Fischer, Patrick: 58.18
Men’s 100 Freestyle:
McGugan, Henry: 49.76
Walker, Jakob: 52.21
Men’s 100 Backstroke:
Fischer, Patrick: 57.27
Men’s 100 Breaststroke:
Ennis, Jake: 1:00.24
Yahi, Anis: 1:05.50
Men’s 200 Medley Relay:
A: 1:42.57
Back-P. Fischer, Breast-J.Ennis, Fly-A.Yahi, Free-H.McGuguan
Men’s 200 Freestyle Relay:
A: 1:32.74
1-J.Ennis, 2-P.Fischer, 3-J.Walker, 4-H.McGugan
Men’s 400 Freestyle Relay:
A: 3:51.14
1-J.Walker, 2-C.Sharer, 3-B.Smith, 4-A.Yahi

Women’s 200 IM:
Salthouse, Abigail: 2:33.15
Women’s 50 Freestyle:
McGill, Meredith: 25.30
Women’s 100 Butterfly:
Carpenter, Hope: 1:01.40
Seay, Libby: 1:06.29
Women’s 100 Freestyle:
McGill, Meredith: 55.33
Women’s 500 Freestyle:
Seay, Libby: 5:50.70
Women’s 100 Backstroke:
Carpenter, Hope: 1:01.95
Dockery, East: 1:08.08
Salthouse, Abigail: 1:09.22
Women’s 200 Medley Relay:
A: 2:03.42
Back-E. Dockery, Breast-C.Kennington, Fly-H.Carpeter, Free-M.McGill
Women’s 200 Freestyle Relay:
A: 1:48.44
1-L.Seay, 2-A.Salthouse, 3-H.Carpenter, 4-M.Mcgill
Women’s 400 Freestyle Relay:
A: 4:04.34
1-E.Dockery, 2-L.Seay, 3- C.Kennington, 4-A.Lewis