Coach Kristin Shelton and St. Pius Comets run winning-streak to 90 games

Update on St. Pius Varsity Girls……Last time out when we checked they had gone on a streak of winning 67 consecutive games, but now that streak has reached 90 games, as we go deep into the 2015 season….We remember the Heard sisters(Emma and Jillian) Ava Casper and others off of last year’s St. Pius girls basketball team and now we have the update on how Coach Kristin Shelton and her 2014/2015 Comets have been doing and what they will be facing over the next few weekends of play…..

Coach Jerry Tarkanian died today, but the spirit of “Tark the Shark” lives on in the “Bulldog” approach that Coach Kristin Shelton brings to each ball game day and to each and every St. Pius Comet practice…..We saw that 67-0 ‘T’ shirt floating around town the other day and what will the shirts read at the completion of the 2015 season???

The “Bulldog” approach that Coach Shelton carries with her might be an extension of “Tark the Shark”, I don’t know for sure, but I do know one of Coach Tarkanian’s last stops was with the Fresno State Bulldogs basketball team….St. Pius Girls Basketball:How ’bout them Comets?????

St. Pius says try us and you may find out, we are a very tough out…..….90-0 and on the go, AGAIN…..

The Comets have finished the regular season with a perfect 23-0 record. That brings Coach Kristin Shelton’s consecutive winning streak to 90. This weekend the girls compete for the Catholic School title at the PECSAA tournament. While the team includes 7th and 8th grade girls, Coach Shelton will be competing for her 4th consecutive and 7th tournament championship during her 16-year career as St. Pius’ Athletic Director and girls basketball coach.

The following weekend will be spent in Charlotte at the 52nd Annual Shamrock Basketball Tournament. The tournament includes catholic schools from all over the southeastern US. The Comet’s will be hoping for a three-peat. Coach Shelton will be competing for her 5th Shamrock title. The records on this tournament are skimpy but nobody can remember another coach with that strong of a record.

*****And there you have it, the word on Coach Kristin Shelton and her Comets…..*****

+++++Just a final thought:Since Coach Tarkanian is gone and so is the “Tark the Shark” name to a certain degree, making it now a bit dormant, why don’t we create a new name for the basketball halls and this might be a good time to bring it on and go with, “Shelton the Shark”…..We will look for your thoughts on this thought, and here it is one more time for influential purposes, “Shelton the Shark”…..Crowd reaction???+++++
(I don’t know how I come up with all of this stuff, but more power to coaches and to the players.)

2 thoughts on “Coach Kristin Shelton and St. Pius Comets run winning-streak to 90 games

  1. Thank you for writing the great article on Coach Shelton.

    Saint Pius X is a very special place to grow in the culture of girl’s basketball. Our daughters have been waiting to play since Coach Kristen Shelton first met them in her Kindergarten P.E. class nine years ago. It has been through her great leadership as mentor, teacher and coach that we have had the great privilege to watch our girls grow and develop into caring team mates and confident young women. We are most grateful and fortunate to have had Coach Shelton and her staff to guide and give our girls so many life long skills which will carry them through the next chapter of high school and beyond.

    Congratulations to the Saint Pius X Lady Comets and to our beloved Coach Shelton on 90 consecutive wins! It has been truly another amazing season!


    The Lady Comet Parents

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