Scores From the Twitterverse for Saturday, March 7, 2015

Our Game of the night is Class 4A West Girls – Northwest Guilford vs Myers Park with Andy Durham and Dennis White with the call on GreensboroSports Radio. – ON REPLAY!

Update #7 – 7:00 PM

Girls Basketball
4A West Championship
Northwest Guilford – 38 (FINAL)
Charlotte Myers Park – 58

3A East Championship
Chapel Hill – 61 (FINAL)
Rockingham – 41

Girls Softball
High Point Christian – 5
Ledford – 4

Northwest Guilford – 15 (6 Innings)
Southern Guilford – 4

Southern Guilford – 4
Western Alamance – 6

Northwest Guilford – 9
Western Alamance – 0

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  1. As a supporter of youth athletics, I can really say that referees play a large part of determining and dictating momentum. I knew that Ardrey Kell would be helped into the 4A Finals. I have written letters to the NCHSAA Referees in regards to the foul disparities that certain schools with prestige have versus other schools.

    I wish the young women at Northwest Guilford and Page High the best. I knew West Charlotte was not going to advance to the State Finals. They were the urban school with the most talent.

  2. To fan..

    I’m sure northwest beat your team and you’re still a little hurt over it. Get over it.
    Timco champs,
    Undefeated until final four
    Played the conference schedule they were dealt. They were in the USA today top 20 for weeks.
    They also lost to the defending state champs who will probably win again. They are also ranked #6 nationally so northwest didn’t lose to a scrub.
    Keep hatin though…they’ll beat your team again next year. Returning everybody

  3. It is over for everyone. NW and many of the other teams in our area had great years. This is the best run that the NW girls have had in many years. Everybody has their day in the sun at some point. We have seen it with the girls at SW, Dudley, GDS, and Page over the past 5 years and now NW. Losing to a great team is what it is. Myers Park has 3-4 high D1 players that play great team basketball. NW has 2-3 mid D1 players and 2-3 additional D2 players that play great team basketball. The reality is that the better team won tonight. NW did not lose to a poor team. Myers Park will win it all. I am not a NW fan but it says a lot about our area players and teams to get this far year after year with different teams from our county.

  4. Reality is, no one had a better season this year than NWG, except Myers Park. Losing to the defending state champs is no shame. A 28-1 season is a lot to be proud of. Reading all the haters comments during this season makes me wonder what the adults in the Greensboro area will do with their lives now that basketball season is over. I mean, really?!? Nothing better to do than to hate on some 16 year olds???? Their time in the sun is just beginning, NWG ladies will be back at the top again next year. So in the words of Taylor Swift, Haters gonna hate!!! Meanwhile, the NWG ladies will just keep working hard during travel ball season, and will be ready to bring it next November when HS ball starts back.

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