Carolina Acceleration High School Baseball/Softball Today/Tonight for (3/24/15)

Took a while doing all the digging this morning and we still may have missed one or two games, but this is a busy day/night and there are some key conference games on the line on this day/night…

Looking at some of the real big ones up top first off:
East Forsyth(7-1) at Glenn(5-1)…7pm
Southwest Guilford(3-2) at Ragsdale(6-1) 7pm
Southern Alamance(2-2) at Dudley(4-1-1) 7pm
Western Alamance(4-1) at Northeast Guilford(3-3) 7pm
Eastern Alamance(3-4) at Eastern Guilford(4-1) 7pm
Grimsley(0-3) at Page(3-2) 7pm
Northern Guilford(2-4) at McMichael(1-4)
Smith(2-4) at Southeast Guilford(4-3) 7pm
Northwest Guilford(3-1) at High Point Central(1-6) 6pm
Western Guilford(0-5) at Southwestern Randolph(4-4) 7pm
Providence Grove(3-0) at High Point Andrews(0-6)
Caldwell Academy(3-1) at Burlington Christian(1-1) 4:30pm
Greensboro Day School(2-2) at Calvary Baptist(1-2) 4:30pm
Davidson Day(0-1) at Wesleyan Christian Academy(1-0) 4:30pm
High Point Christian Acadmey(7-0-1) at Westchester Country Day(1-1) 5pm
Bishop McGuinness(3-1) at Walkertown(4-0) 5:30pm
Southern Guilford vs. Central Davidson on Monday(10-0 SG) and OFF today…

Southern Alamance(3-0) at Dudley(3-3) 5pm
High Point Andrews(NA) at Providence Grove(2-1) 5pm
Smith(1-4) at Southeast Guilford(3-2) 5:30pm
Northwest Guilford(3-2) at High Point Central(0-5) 6pm
Southwest Guilford(2-3) at Ragsdale(3-3) 6pm
Western Alamance(1-5) at Northeast Guilford(2-3) 6pm
Grimsley(1-1) at Page(3-2) 6:30pm
Eastern Alamance(6-1) at Eastern Guilford(0-5) 6:30pm
Northern Guilford(5-0) at McMichael(3-1) 7pm
Southwestern Randolph(2-3) at Western Guilford(1-2) 7pm