Is it anyone’s wonder as to Why All the college transferring that is taking place today? What makes a college student athlete decide they want to transfer to another school? Is it because of location? Is it because of the academics? Is it because of the coach? Is it because of the food? Is it because of the cultural differences? Is it because of lack of playing time as a Freshmen or is it too much playing time as a Freshmen? Is it because of the treatment or attention that one is getting or not getting? Is it because of home sickness? Whatever the reasons may be lets explore this and begin to ask ourselves as to what is it that we are teaching or not teaching in the larger scope of things to come.

1. Is it normal for a student athlete to pack up and run from a school early in the process after arriving and one must ask “Why”?
answer: It seem to have become the norm for whatever the excuse may be.

2. Is it the academics requirements especially at a University that prides itself on academic excellence?
answer: No one never wants to admit this one so it becomes something else

3. Is it because of lack of playing time?
answer: Normally this is one of the most used reasons to leave. Its never I got a lot of work that I need to put in to not only better myself but also help the team. So it becomes I will find a place where I can get the most playing time with less efforts because after all I was a top recruit.

4. I want playing time as a freshmen?
answer: Normally this means I expect to start and play major minutes. They do not know how fortunate they are to have me. If I don’t play right away, all I have to do is place one text or phone call to a coach who dying to have me. They must have forgot that I was a 5 star or 4 star recruit.

5. I belong in the ACC, SEC, Big 10 or any other major conference?
answer: My talents are worthy of that even though my previous production doe not justify it. i will not even entertain any mid major or lower conference under no circumstances. I need to be with players that can win a National Championship. Its never based on the response of “Wherever I am at I will help that program become better”. If the programs fall or rises with my presence I am either part of the solution or part of the problem.

6. I got homesick;
answer: A very weak answer that warrants no support or response. A very lame excuse. The question was “Did one become homesick when they visited their school of choice”? Sometimes its time to grow up!

7. The Coach lied to me:
answer: What did they lie about? Was the phrase “You gotta earn your position left out”? or Did they say “You can take all the shots no matter how many you miss or turn the ball over”? Who knows any rational coach that would allow that to happen especially when one is losing? Would you if you were the coach?

8. Are there any cultural differences that you were not aware of before you took the scholarship?
answer: Find that one hard to believe because of the access to internet and social media.

9. Is it the food?
answer: Nah! College kids would rather eat pizzas 24/7!

10. Use to having your way?
answer: Many times go back to the way a player was handled in high school by their previous coaches and normally that is a tail/tail sign. If that kid was treated like a rock star or something bigger than life, they will have a rough go of it once they leave that atmosphere no matter where they attend school. Transferring around does not mean that everything has been brought to the surface, it could simply mean that it just shift itself to another surrounding. Sometimes it works out and many times it does not. The Grass is not always greener on the other side especially if the water and fertilizer has not been properly laid and taken care of.


  1. It starts in Middle School. More so in HS. So they grow up with the mindset. Parents are the main driver of this bus.

    Look around Gboro and think about all that went elsewhere

  2. What ever happen to the academic part of this as the reason for going? Is anyone graduating from this area as far as girls and boys go?

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