Ragsdale and Northwest Guilford will have athletes signing on Wednesday at 2:30pm

Ragsdale is going to have their Signing Ceremony tomorrow at 2:30 PM in the Ragsdale Media center. The following Ragsdale athletes will be signing tomorrow:

· Tevin Quick (Clemson- Track)
· Bojo Jada (Winston-Salem State- Track)
· Bryce Walker (UNC- Wrestling)
· Brandon Harris (UNC – Wrestling)

Northwest Guilford High School will be hosting an athletic signing ceremony on Wednesday 4/15 at 2:30 in the media center for several NWHS student athletes who are signing scholarships or committing to participate in athletics at the collegiate level.

As of right now, the following student athletes will be honored on Wednesday:

Sarah Colby- Illinois Tech (Lacrosse)
Austin Jamison- Limestone (Wrestling)
Hunter Long- Averett (Football)
Cary Miller- Appalachian State (Wrestling)