12n’ GO Shuttle Service always looking for Drivers

12n’ GO Shuttle Service is always looking for Drivers and with the Furniture Market in town, now would be a good time to join the team at 12n Go…

Must be 25 years of age to get on board, so call 510-8339 or go to www.12nGo.com and get on board….Twelve dollar rides to the airport, to market, to the doctor’s office and other places you need to go and they do need drivers, so get on board….

Tell Tosha McCloud we sent you and told you about it and call 510-8339 or go to www.12nGo.com….

Join the team at the 12n’Go Shuttle Service and you need a ride to the airport, doctor, furniture market, grocery market, if you a college student heading out of town, or coming back into town from the airport, call 510-8339….

$12.00 rides are here and that is the flat rate, a $12.00 ride….