Ragsdale-NWG Baseball News and Southwest Guilford-Glenn Softball News:Games for today have been postponed

Wet fields have changed the course of nature and natural causes, have pushed these games back….

Today’s Ragsdale Baseball games have been postponed until tomorrow (April 22):

· Wednesday, April 22
o JV’s @ NW Guilford (5:30 PM)
o Varsity @ home vs. NW Guilford (7:00 PM)

The Southwest Guilford-Glenn softball game, scheduled for today at Glenn, has been moved to 5/7/15 and will be played at SWG…..


  1. Wet Field at Ragsdale? Come on now! You can come up with something better than that for not wanting to play NW tonight. Now that’s funny!

  2. Understand there are 2 reasons: Coach wants another day for pitcher to rest and it’s senior night and AD wants to be at all senior nights and he has soccer and Lacrosse senior nights tonight so no way he can do 3 in one night

  3. Not sure about the AD situation could be true but the pitcher I believe is throwing (Burrows) is already on 7 days rest so that would not be it. I do know that the field was pretty saturated on Friday night and with all the rain this weekend it could have been too much for it to hold.

  4. I did not realize the game was cancelled so I drove to the field. There were very large puddles standing in the dirt infield. And since I am very familiar with that field, if the infield has water the corners of the outfield will have tadpoles and frogs. Might be something to the AD thing. He is overly involved at games. Burrows has had plenty of rest. Ragsdale has not played in a while.

  5. The Ragsdale AD is as good as you are ever going to see…He is totally dedicated to his teams and his students…

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