Reggie getting ready in Raleigh:RGII/Reggie Gallaspy from Southern Guilford HS to N.C. State


RALEIGH, N.C. – Just a few short months ago, Reggie Gallaspy II was walking the halls of Southern Guilford High School. On April 11, he was surrounded by fans asking for autographs and photos. Here’s a look at the latest from the Pack’s early enrollee.

“It was fun being able to play in front of Wolfpack nation, but it was crazy! All these people wanted autographs. It was shocking to me how fast all this is happening.”

“I think I turned a lot of heads: I feel like I’m playing a lot better ball than I was at the beginning. I had a lot of people sleeping on me in the beginning because of how I was rated out of high school — three stars — so a lot of people were thinking that I was going to come in and not be able to play to this level. And there were a couple of people who believed in me so I had a little chip on my shoulder — it had me motivated.

“We’ve got a lot of new guys coming in on the offense – a lot of new running backs. We’ve got to all learn how to work together. But from practice one to practice 15, the progress was great. I’m feeling more comfortable. At first I was more like a robotic type player. Thinking too much, playing sloppy.

“I like the way the whole offense handles themselves. We don’t talk a lot on the offensive side of the ball. We talk junk in the locker room but not when we come on the field. We know the way you play carries more weight that the way you talk. We want to get to the film room, learn what we did wrong and get better every day.”

“I never was really like a talker type of competitor. I might do a celebration with my team, but I never really was a talkative person on the field. That’s just not my personality.

“I’m more of a downhill runner. Sometimes I have to bounce the ball out. I’m not a jukey kind of guy — just one cut and go. Also I like to be consistent with my play and give everything I’ve got every play.”

“Just the transition from high school to college.

“First, the speed. It’s real fast. The plays are fast, the defense reads everything — they read the keys fast, the holes open and close real quick. You can lose yards quickly.

“Then the level of play. There are guys on the other side of the ball that are going to the NFL! But that gives me motivation to be better and to beat the guys going to the NFL. That will give me a high chance to have that opportunity to go to the NFL. And it helps that I’ve got some guys blocking for me who are going to be in the NFL too.”

“It’s going pretty good. Me and my roommates [Josh Sessoms, M.J. Salahuddin and Zak Kuder] are getting real close. We make a lot of jokes — lot of guys coming in the room.

“Schoolwork is pretty good so far, except geology is killing me! I’m trying to get used to everything being due at the same time. I had to learn how to spend an hour on English, then another hour on something else, then study for geology.

“I actually have a bike now, so getting around campus is easier.”