Greensboro Reds(Greensboro NABA) pick up “wild card” as they sign Caleb McCann(Northeast Guilford HS/APP) for Summer season 2015:Craig Jacobelli(SEG) also with the Reds

The Greensboro Reds, from the Greensboro National Adult Baseball Association, have picked up/signed Caleb McCann(Northeast Guilford HS/Appalachian State University) for the 2015 Summer baseball season….

McCann has been a pitcher for APP, but he can also play in the infield, second base etc.

Today’s announcement came from Reds’ manager Enad Haddad and the Reds hope to have McCann in a red, black and white uniform when the league begins play next Sunday May 17 at Guilford College….

The Reds have been Greensboro NABA League Champions over the past 5 years running and they hope to continue their winning ways with players like Caleb McCann being a part of their organization in 2015….

McCann is the brother of Jacob McCann, who also played baseball(catcher and first baseman) for the Northeast Guilford Rams and now Jacob is part of the football program at Appalachian State University…

No word on where Jaylin Davis(NEG/APP) will be playing baseball this Summer…….

Many have compared the McCanns to former professional wrestler Randy “Macho Man” Savage, also known by his real name of Randy Poffo….Randy Poffo played professional baseball in the St. Louis Cardinals organization before he hit the big-time in the WWF and in the WCW…Poffo was in baseball and wrestling and the McCanns have been in baseball, wrestling and football…..

You might see a parallel between the “Macho Man” Randy Savage/Poffo and possibly the “Macho Man” McCann…..You just never, never know, for sure…….

Any way you slice it, or slide it, Caleb McCann will be with the Greensboro Reds this Summer, for the Summer Season of Baseball, in the Greensboro NABA, 2015……….

*****So you won’t think we are making this stuff up.*****
from Wikipedia on Randy Savage/
Baseball career
Randy Savage was signed by the St. Louis Cardinals organization as a catcher out of high school. He was placed in the minor leagues to develop, where he mostly played as an outfielder in the St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds, and Chicago White Sox farm systems. Savage was 18 when he began playing minor league baseball; one of his teammates on the 1971 Gulf Coast League Cardinals was Larry Herndon who was also his roommate. Savage would swing a bat into a hanging car tire as a regular training exercise in order to strengthen his hands and make sure he utilized his legs during swings. The technique was so effective that Herndon adopted it and used it during his own career as a baseball coach. Savage injured his natural (right) throwing shoulder after a collision at home plate, and he learned to throw with his left arm instead. The team was managed by Jimmy Piersall. Savage’s last season was 1974, when he played for the Tampa Tarpons. He played 289 games in four minor league seasons, batting .254 with 16 home runs and 66 RBIs…..