Looking back and looking ahead at high school football with lots of names gone and new names ready to step up:[Some New news on names]

We are going to try and make it out to a few of those Spring high school football practices over the next week or so and as we get set to look ahead to the 2015 season and who the leading players might be as we head that way, let’s also look back at who is gone and those that have moved on after the conclusion of the 2014 season…..

Gone and let’s not be quick to forget all that they did….
Reggie Gallaspy(Southern Guilford) at N.C. State
Cam Harris(Northern Guilford) and still not signed from what we hear…
Mook Reynolds(Northern Guilford) at Virginia Tech
Jamiel Mack(High Point Central) still not signed from what we hear…
Darius Graves(Dudley) headed to North Carolina
Tre Meadows(Dudley) headed to the Naval Academy
Jarius Morehead(Eastern Guilford) headed to N.C. State
Christian Cokely(Dudley) headed to Guilford College
Nathan Stoner(Southern Guilford) headed to Guilford College
Bubba Craven(Southeast Guilford) not signed as far as we know[News}…..*****Ryan “Bubba” Craven headed to Brevard….*****
Cameron Clark(Smith) at Charlotte
Desmond Sturdivant(Smith) headed to Hampton University
TJ Parker(Ragsdale) headed to Ferrum
Alec Cobb(Ragsdale) headed to Hampden-Sydney or another ODAC school, I am doing all of these off of memory, so bear with me….
The DB/WR from SEG that is going to Elon(Greg Liggs)….More???…Josh Homol(Northwest Guilford), Devonte Cross(Southwest Guilford) and others gone too, but not sure where they are all going….
*****Now who all did we leave out???*****

Now we look at who all is coming back….
CJ Freeman(Northern Guilford)…Locked on South Carolina
Diondre Overton(Page)…15 to 20 DI offers
Hendon Hooker(Dudley)….Hooker might be the hottest unsigned talent in the area along with Overton, but Hooker will only be a junior…
Jeremiah Brown(Southwest Guilford)…One of the top receivers in the state….Coach Rainey’s son at SWG is about ready to take over at QB…
Connell Young(Dudley) last I heard was looking strongly at ECU…I think Coach Fairley has moved up to Farleigh Dickinson……
Simeon Gatling(Dudley)…Simeon has been working so hard, on the field and in the classroom that we think sometimes he is already off in college some place, but he is still with us and working hard to make that college decision final….The work on the field is first priority here at the end of the school year….LSU, Georgia, Florida State, he along with Hendon Hooker, they have visited quite a few schools and one of the reps from Alabama was at Dudley to see Hooker a week or so back….
Isaiah Little(Dudley (OL)…Little, hte BIG man is being watched closely by the Virginia Tech Hokies…
Thomas Hennigan(Northwest Guilford) will only be a junior, but already one of the top skill position players around at RB or at receiver…(I think the Smith kid(last name Smith and not a kid from Smith) will be the QB for NWG this season…Came in for Homol vs. Grimsley and did a super job…
Will Jones(Page)…Don’t know much about this kid at all, but do know he has talent and the kid can compete and he has one of the top receivers in the Southeast US to throw to in Overton…
Will Hardin(Page)…This kid can play some baseball, but he is even a better prospect as an offensive lineman
Bruce Davis(Grimsley)…Bruce has talent inside and out and he wants to bring it out on the field and he can play on both sides of the line..
(Grimsley)…The QB’s first name escapes me and he missed most of last year, but this kid can play and I’d like to see him get in one more healthy year of high school football….The kid that came on and played QB for Grimsley last year while Stimpson was out did a decent job as time went on and think that was kid that they moved up from JV’s…
Who will be the QB for Northern Guilford??? Does the Timmons kid have any time left?
Smith has at least two very talented offensive players and one of those is Myles White and the other? Let’s get him in here…
High Point Central has a sophomore RB that ought to be ready to run wild, and is that the Walls kid, Geoffrey Walls???
*****Add-in Chavis Little at RB and maybe Antonio Moore too for HPC at RB….Just remembered Little on MaxPreps and Moore there too…*****
Southern Guilford has that one all-world receiver with out-of-this-world numbers coming back and his name escapes without a MaxPreps checkup…But he is the real deal and they have the Harris kid too who can scoot at RB and there is one other RB back too at SG that got right at 750 ground yards last season….
Not sure about the deal at Southeast Guilford with Bubba gone, but they are re-building the entire football facility at SEG and it is looking good…Coach Fritz has two daughters that can really play some softball too and they both made All-Conference…
NEG has a new coach and they tell me things are looking up out there on Hicone Road…
High Point Andrews has athletes and they will always be a good team on the 2-A level….
Ragsdale, those guys lost a lot in Cobb, Quick and Parker, but Coach Norwood could line up some broomsticks and he still might win 5 games…They know how to get it done….
Western Guilford, if we had some linemen that weighed about 170 pounds each and if they could get off of the ball and drive that defense back, then we would have at least two 1,000 yards rushers, but those days are long gone and not sure what the future holds there….
Eastern Guilford had a great year last year and they laid some groundwork and some airwork with Coach Robertson that seems to work with the athletes that they have on hand…No more Morehead, Lundy, Petty, Benton, Finerty and some of the others, but with what they did recently, they should be able to build off of that success….

I do believe we have mentioned every team in the county and if you want to add something in here, have at it and we try and get out and see some of the teams this week…..

+++++All of the above from memory with no MaxPreps check-ins so there may be a name or two off the mark…..+++++
Let’s run with it……


  1. Ragsdale will be better than people think the defense will carry them this year with Boykins and Ellis leading the way and they have a 2 headed monster at tailback don’t be surprised if they upset a few teams this year

  2. Cam Clark is already at Charlotte
    Janon Cooper going to Winston Salem State
    Darius Darden going to Fayetteville State
    Desmond “Chunky” Sturdivant going to Hampton University

  3. Coaches were telling me last week they are glad there is not hitting this Spring, due to fact that they can’t afford to get anyone hurt….

    Players are still going to want to hit and any time you put on a helmet and some pads the inclination is to want to use those pads/helmet and go hit some sort of moving target…

    Yes, we need to get Simeon Gatling up here….He has been working hard and he has his name on the college radar scene….

  4. Southwest Guilford? I think Eric Rainey’s son takes over this year at QB, and they’ve got a pretty good WR in Wake commit Jeremiah Brown.

  5. Did you overlook Eastern Guilford’s standout Jarius Morehead who is now at NC State?

  6. I mentioned Jarius Morehead in the lower section on Eastern Guilford and I need to move him to the upper section…

    Eastern Guilford had a great year last year and they laid some groundwork and some airwork with Coach Robertson that seems to work with the athletes that they have on hand…No more Morehead, Lundy, Petty, Benton, Finerty and some of the others, but with what they did recently, they should be able to build off of that success…

  7. I have been hearing that Coach Lippard, the new coach at Northeast Guilford has been reaching out to some of the old coaches from the past at NEG, that is just what I have been hearing and that some of the old coaches are fine with just taking it easy these days and they might not want to come back out there and do it again…It is much tougher to come back after you have sat out a few years and then come back and do it all again and there is a lot to be done….

    Might need to hit some of those younger coaches that are on staff around the school and get them out there and get them involved….Coach Suggs gets my vote and there are a few more that would be more than willing to toe and to hit the line, I am sure of that….

    Also sure that if any of the old coaches would like to return to the Rams staff, Coach Lippard would more than willing to have them return to the fold….

    Just a few thoughts on that one…

  8. Can’t believe J. Mack still hasn’t committed to someone! This kid is phenomenal and probably could play a number of positions on D1 level. Andy, keep us updated if you hear anything on this kid.

  9. What is Mack’s Height, Weight, and combine 40 time? Not a 40 clocked by a coach on a stop watch.

    I think he is too short to play QB at the next level and nobody has ever seen him play another position or tackle on defense on film. Unless he’s a 4.5 40 guy not many big time schools going to take a chance on a small QB with average arm strength.

  10. Sure would like to see Mack end up somewhere like Winston-Salem State…Could be something bigger, but WSSU would be a good fit for him, I would think…

  11. NEHS will be ok, Best of luck to the new coach and his staff!!!

    From the desk of an old Ram…

  12. NW will have a good little QB battle going into Camp between Jake Smith and Caleb Homol (josh Homol younger brother) NW will be much improved at RB with Kyle Finnie and Zach Welch carrying the ball. At WR is Thomas Hennigan and about 4 or 5 very talented junior receivers. The big question for the Vikings is who will step up on defense and what will the new DC bring to the table.

  13. Who is the new DC and that Kyle Finnie is a tough back…He gave NWG some good yards and a very good effort last season…

  14. Who all is practicing this week and at what times???

    Went by a couple of schools this afternoon and did not see anyone out there….

    Can they practice in the morning before school???

  15. Most all of Guilford county will be in afternoon spring football practice. Since school is in they can’t go until the afternoon. Most will go right after at 4:00. Some may go later in the evening 5:30 if they have a lot of off staff coaches. I think most of Forsyth County starts tomorrow.

  16. Also alot of schools may have small numbers because rising Freshman are not allowed to report until Summer. So even though its call spring football its not real spring football. No full pads not body to body contact without blocking shields. Should be called spring skill development.

  17. Isaiah Little from Dudley is returning this year. Virginia tech looks to be his leader!

  18. I thought Little had one more year and I have added him to the list of returnees….


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